“The Lies Have To Stop” | Former New York Knicks Star Mark Jackson Sets Record Straight On Why He Turned Down Dysfunctional Knicks Announcing Gig

For some strange reason the history between the New York Knicks and some of its former greats can be described as tenuous at best.

Who can forget the heated scuffle between former Knicks enforcer and NBA tough guy Charles Oakley and Madison Square Garden security back in 2017.

The incident stemmed from Oakley being a longtime critic of team owner James Dolan, who Oakley says orchestrated the attack. 

Now comes a report that former Knicks point guard and ESPN analyst Mark Jackson and the team are at odds over something. Jackson reportedly was in line to be a spot duty replacement for Knicks legend Walt Clyde Frazier for MSG as an in-game play-by-play. That plan has reportedly been halted. And, per the New York Post, there’s an odd reason why. 

Andrew Marchand Tells Why Jackson Is No Longer Being Considered 

“MSG planned on having Jackson occasionally fill in for Clyde Frazier this season,” Marchand reported. “But Knicks management, led by team president Leon Rose, put a kibosh on the arrangement in part due to an old quarrel with Jackson and a current Knicks assistant coach, according to sources.”

Jackson would’ve filled in for Frazier on the road as the 78-year-old, who in June told reporters he hopes to call for “as long as possible,” is cutting down on the travel. That’s where Jackson and former Knicks coach and ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy’s name came in. But JVG took a gig with the rival Boston Celtics, leaving Jackson to possibly handle the road gig. But not anymore.  

Jackson Says Not So Fast

Jackson quickly responded to the rumors in a video posted to his Instagram account, calling the report bogus.

“At some point, the lies have got to stop.”

“Today, a report came out that I was fired or dismissed from calling Knicks games,” Jackson said in his Instagram post. “Honored and privileged to have an offer bestowed upon me to back up the legend Walt Clyde Frazier calling Knicks games. Over a week ago, I turned the job down. You heard what I said: More than a week ago, I turned the job down a week due to the fact it wasn’t the ideal conditions, and it wasn’t the ideal time for me.”

Jackson, did mention that he’d be open to calling Knicks games in the future, if needed, but for now he’s good. He also took a subtle jab at Marchand and sort of praised him for his resolve in attempting to create a narrative even it was false. 

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