“All Bieniemy Does Is Argue With The Players” | Was Heated Disagreement Between Patrick Mahomes And Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Part Of A Bigger Problem?

The Kansas City Chiefs have had immense success during the Andy Reid, Eric Bieniemy and Patrick Mahomes regime. The team has played in two Super Bowls, winning one. They’ve also hosted four AFC championships, winning two and losing two in overtime.

The offense has been dominant with those three at work weekly over the past four-plus seasons. But even that isn’t always enough to keep disagreements from happening, and when you’re dealing with personalities like Bieniemy and Mahomes, at times sideline blowups and disagreements can happen. That was the case during Sunday’s 20-17 road loss to the then-winless Indianapolis Colts.

Prior to the half, with the Chiefs leading 14-10 and in possession of the football, Mahomes wanted to try to score with just seconds left in the half. But offensive coordinator Bieniemy overruled his star QB and decided take a knee and head to the locker room.

With the team facing a pretty long down and distance, Bieniemy told Mahomes “we’re good.”

Mahomes being the competitor he is, didn’t like Bieniemy’s conservative approach.

“I mean, at the end of the day I wanted to go try to score. I mean, that’s just who I am. We were in a tough situation. I believe it was second- or third-and-20, something like that. Probably the smart decision was to just take — we got the ball at the half and just go to halftime, but I’m always going to be wanting to score.”

While the tabloids, social media instigators and a few disgruntled former players tried to blow the exchange out of porportion, Mahomes reiterated he wouldn’t call the minor disagreement an “altercation.”

“I pretty much just said, ‘Let me have a chance at it,’ and he was just, like, ‘Let’s get back in the locker room and we’ll get something going in the next half.’ I guess, I don’t know if that’s an altercation, but that was the end of the conversation.”

Former Chiefs Player LeSean McCoy Chimed In On The Incident

It’s no secret that former Chiefs running back LeSean “Shady” McCoy is no fan of Bieniemy, who he claims doesn’t know how to talk to players.

McCoy commented on Bleacher Report’s Gridiron tweet with this:

McCoy said EB knows nothing about play-calling or passing, which is his opinion, but obviously Andy Reid and Mahomes value his offensive knowledge. Also, the Chiefs’ explosive offense numbers and deep playoff runs say otherwise. 

McCoy talked about his disdain for EB during an appearance in May on the “I Am Athlete Tonight” podcast.

“There’s a reason why every year they keep hyping up to get a head coaching job, or an offensive coordinator job somewhere else, and he don’t get one.

“He talks to players a certain way, and some players would take it. There’s some questions I’m gonna ask. Everyone’s accountable. It’s not because he’s a Black coach, that’s not why he’s not getting hired. That’s not the reason.”

“It’s Not Because He’s A Black Coach” | Former Chiefs Running Back LeSean McCoy Says He Knows Why Eric Bieniemy Can’t Get a Head Coach Job

“No one hires him because they know what type of coach he really is.”

Bieniemy Has Gotten Into It With Travis Kelce In The Past

Bieniemy has had his share of run-ins with other players, including his shoving match with All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce. It was a moment that Kelce said he regrets and immediately apologized for, but it happened.

In retrospect, Mahomes saying his and EB’s end-of-half spat was much ado about nothing is good. The fact that they lost a game that nobody in the NFL world thought they would lose also heightened the postgame drama and brought more attention to the sideline exchange. 

Maybe Mahomes has more Tom Brady in him than we think, because Brady was known for having heated arguments with his offensive coordinators. It might be a sign of being The GOAT.

K.C. doesn’t have much time to relax or think about the past as they travel to Raymond James Stadium for SNF. The last time they faced the Tampa Bay Bucs there they lost the Super Bowl 31-9. So this is a revenge game of sorts.

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