Could Eric Bieniemy Leave KC? | Failing to Land A Job After 15 Interviews Might Push The Talented Offensive Coordinator Out The NFL

Kansas Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has been a part of Andy Reid’s staff since 2013. First as running backs coach from 2013 to 2017 and offensive coordinator from 2018 to the present, but with his contract set to expire his future in Kansas City is bit uncertain.

Since Bieniemy was named coordinator, the Chiefs have averaged a league-best 30.3 points, 404.2 yards and 3.4 offensive touchdowns per game.

He’s also been very instrumental in the development of all-world quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who’s won an NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP under Bieniemy’s tutelage.


Rumors are the talented play-caller may want to pursue other NFL opportunities, coach in college or even take a year off. Again, this is all via the ESPN rumor mill, but it’s something worth keeping an eye on.

All this could be for naught, as Bieniemy could just re-sign to stay with the Chiefs. He’s also drawn interest from the New Orleans Saints, who did interview him but chose to hire defensive coordinator Dennis Allen.

The Saints still want Bieniemy as an offensive coordinator/associate head coach down on the bayou. A move like that would allow Bieniemy to branch out from Reid, one of the greatest play-callers of the past 20-plus years. Reid has already co-signed Bieniemy several times as a shrewd offensive play-caller. He’d have full control of the offense in New Orleans, with Allen being a defensive coordinator.


If Bieniemy does leave, the Chiefs could bring back former Chiefs offensive coordinator and Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy. He’s credited with being the first to spot and really key in on Patrick Mahomes‘ unique talents at Texas Tech. Mike Kafka, a Bieniemy mentee, would’ve been next in line to be at the controls of the dynamic Chiefs attack, but he took the New York Giants offensive coordinator position last week.

Bieniemy Has Struck Out 15 Times Since 2019: Something Isn’t Adding Up

Since the 2019 hiring cycle Bieniemy has interviewed for 15 different head coaching positions, and he hasn’t been hired for any. That includes two this season with the Broncos and Saints, plus six in 2021, three in 2020, and four in 2019.

Head coach Reid is peeved about his star pupil not getting a shot. He expressed his disappointment in a zoom interview during the playoffs.

 “It disappoints me that someone hasn’t hired him, obviously, because he’s so good.”

Prior to a playoff win over the Bills, Bieniemy spoke on his coaching aspirations and he’s thankful to be mentioned.

 “I think I bring a lot to the table, I’m grateful to be thought of in that particular light, but my job is to make sure we stay focused.”

Bieniemy was mentioned in the now infamous class-action lawsuit put in motion by former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores in which Flores alleges that the NFL is racially biased in its hiring practices. Bieniemy has not actually joined the lawsuit. 

 “Without question, Mr. Bieniemy has the pedigree, track record, and reputation to make him a sought-after Head Coach.”

There have been rumors flying around as to why Bieniemy doesn’t have a job. Some say he doesn’t interview well. Others say he’s not really interested in leaving K.C. right now, instead possibly opting to be the coach-in-waiting until Andy Reid retires.

But to interview 15 times in the last three hiring cycles and not be chosen by anyone is hard to believe. So whatever EB chooses to do, he’ll always be in high demand as a coordinator and developer of talent because his track record speaks for itself. He can’t control all of the nonsense around him, but in the meantime, the uber-talented OC has to prepare for his future. A future that might not include the NFL. 

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