“It’s Not Because He’s A Black Coach” | Former Chiefs Running Back LeSean McCoy Says He Knows Why Eric Bieniemy Can’t Get a Head Coach Job

Two-time All-Pro and six-time Pro Bowl running back LeSean “Shady” McCoy retired during the 2021 season after 12 fruitful years in the game. 

In a recent interview with “I AM ATHLETE” podcast, the former Pittsburgh Panthers star had some harsh criticisms of Kansas City Chiefs record-setting offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. He says the offensive savant is the reason he left K.C., following the Chiefs’ Super Bowl 54 victory.

“There’s a reason why every year they keep hyping him up to get a coaching job, a head coaching job, he don’t get one. Some players, he talks to them a certain way, and some players will take it. I wouldn’t take it. Like, ‘WHOA.’ Some questions I would ask, everybody’s accountable. It’s not because he’s a Black coach. That’s not the reason. There’s a reason why every year they hype him up to get a job and then when the time comes, nobody hires him because they know they type of coach he really is.”

It’s no secret that Bieniemy has been a hot name on the coaching circuit and he’s had about 15 interviews, broke records, been to multiple Super Bowls and is still an OC. Some say it’s his poor interviewing, while others mention some sketchy episodes in his past. Either way, he’s long been deserving of a head coach opportunity, and it just hasn’t manifested.



Bieniemy Talks That Way To Mahomes: Meaning No One Is Off Limits

Bieniemy is a former star running back at Colorado, so he has a ruggedness to his composition. He definitely coaches his players hard. There have been many instances where he gave star QB Patrick Mahomes the side-eye and some choice words following a bad decision. Mahomes takes it all in stride. In fact, Mahomes recounted an incident during a game against the Broncos last season where he and his OC clashed. 

“Yeah it was kind of a little mix up of the play that we wanted to call in that situation. … I think that’s the biggest thing: both of us love being out there playing this sport, being part of the Kansas City Chiefs, and we both were just frustrated more with the game than we were with each other,” Mahomes said. 

“And so obviously, we got a little frustration there. But we talked it right out after. I mean, I love that dude. He loves me, and we’ll keep rolling.”

If the star QB can handle the ribbing, then a veteran like McCoy — whose main purpose was to be a positive influence on the locker room — should be able to as well.

McCoy Was Signed Because Of Relationship With Andy Reid:

McCoy is a future Hall of Famer who accumulated 15,000 total yards (11,102 rushing) and (3,898 receiving) over his 12-year career.  The 22nd all-time leading rusher in NFL history also accounted for 89 total touchdowns. Known for his stop-on-a-dime, cutback running style, McCoy’s elusiveness allowed him to flourish in NFL stops with the Eagles and Bills. He finished his career with the Chiefs and Buccaneers as a backup, winning back-to-back Super Bowl rings without playing a single down in either Super Sunday game.

The Chiefs signed McCoy after injuries to some of the running back room. Reid’s relationship with “Shady” is basically why the Chiefs even acquired him. When the Eagles drafted McCoy Reid was still their head coach.

Andy Reid Defends Eric Bieniemy 

Reid took offense to McCoy’s comments about EB. Reid called his offensive coordinator a straight shooter, basically implying that successful veteran players such as McCoy who have endured years of pounding and punishment don’t want to be pushed anymore. 

“Sometimes it’s hard on a veteran player,” Reid reasoned in an interview with ProFootballTalk. “Maybe their performance level isn’t what it used to be, and it’s hard to take sometimes. But Bieniemy is going to push you to try to maximize what you’ve got. That’s one of his strengths. … He’ll come in and shoot you straight. Sometimes you want to hear it. Sometimes you don’t.”

As if Bieniemy doesn’t have enough problems getting hired for a head coach position, the last thing he needs is a retired player who won a ring on Bieniemy’s watch throwing dirt on the offensive coordinator’s name. 

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