Jets OC Nathaniel Hackett Continues To Be Exposed Since Leaving Green Bay, Catches Stray From O.J. Simpson, Who Says ‘My Daughter Can Coach Aaron Rodgers’

Another season, and it looks like Nathaniel Hackett is headed for disaster as the primary playcaller of an NFL offense. Hackett’s failures during his 15-game run as head coach of the Denver Broncos in 2022 are well-documented.

Now at the helm of the New York Jets offense, one that was supposed to have good friend and four-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers under center, Hackett is searching for answers. 

Rodgers’ season-ending injury just four plays into the season, puts added pressure on Hackett who’s now charged with trying to get the most out of 2021 No.2 overall pick Zach Wilson.

If Sunday’s 30-10 loss to the Cowboys, and the lack of creativity in offense were any indication, this is going be a long year on offense in Florham Park, NJ site of the team’s training faculty.

In fact, Sunday’s offense was so stale it got Pro Football Hall of Famer, O.J. Simpson questioning Hackett’s ability to lead an offense. 

 O.J. Bashes Hackett Via Twitter

Simpson, who recently joined the hit “It Is What It Is” podcast with rappers Cam’ron and Mase as its lead NFL analyst, didn’t hold back when talking about Hackett via his Twitter. 

“Everyone’s talking about the Dallas-Jets game yesterday. This Nathaniel Hackett, I brier his name is, I don’t know what his background is, but I know his reputation is he coached Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, and that was supposed to be great. I can coach Rodgers. Rodgers is great; My daughter can coach Rodgers. Rodgers is great; he doesn’t need a great coach. Denver, last year, needed a great coach for Wilson. Hackett was that coach, didn’t work.”

As crazy as it may sound, Simpson is onto something as it pertains to this love fest with Hackett around the league. He’s proved nothing as a play-caller, and that doesn’t bode well for the talented Jets offense with him and the aforementioned Wilson leading the way. 

Hackett Never Called Plays In Green Bay, That Showed In Denver

In Green Bay Hackett was given the offensive coordinator title, but he didn’t call plays. That was done by head coach Matt LaFleur, and it showed when he got to Denver, as he and Russell Wilson never meshed and Hackett was fired just 15 games into his first season as head coach. His scheme lacks creativity and innovation, and that something that likely would’ve been covered up with Rodgers won’t be the case with Wilson or any other QB that takes snaps. 

So, in theory Simpson does have a point, Hackett made his name on the back of a 39-year-old QB who suffered a torn Achilles four plays into the season, and his ability to adjust doesn’t look promising. 

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