Disaster In Denver | Russell Wilson Has Defensive Lineman Yelling At Him, And Word Is Broncos Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett Is One And Done

NFL analyst Peter King is known for hot takes, and his latest one really isn’t farfetched. On “Football Morning In America,” King said he believes Denver Broncos first-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett will be out after just one season.

“I think I will not be surprised if Nathaniel Hackett makes it to the end of this season as Denver coach. But I will be extremely surprised if he isn’t one-and-done,” King said. 

Nathaniel Hackett Will Be Fired At Season’s End?

That take by King isn’t all that shocking, considering the ineptitude of the Broncos under Hackett this season. The team is currently 3-8 and losers of seven of their past eight games after beginning the season 2-1. Hackett and quarterback Russell Wilson were said to be a “match made in heaven,” but instead it’s been a disastrous pairing that might not get much more than a season.

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Hackett Isn’t Head Coach Material 

The fascination with Hackett stems from his time in Green Bay as the team’s offensive coordinator. And while he was successful, much of it can be attributed to the prolific tandem of Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams. Without that duo, Hackett has looked below average as a play-caller, and he’s also looked in over his head as the lead guy on the sidelines.

Broncos Regret Hiring Hackett Over Vikings Coach Kevin O’Connell

The Broncos reportedly hired Hackett over current Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell, whose team is 9-2 and second in the NFC. Nothing about Hackett’s leadership qualities jumps out except for the fact that he was the offensive coordinator for the Packers. He wasn’t even the play-caller. That was executed by head coach Matt LaFleur. So the Broncos gig, in essence, is the 43-year-old Hackett’s first time in the hot seat, and thus far he’s failed miserably.

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Russell Wilson Has Regressed Under Hackett

When the Broncos traded for Wilson in March, the franchise believed that he was the missing piece to a playoff run. Having gone through eleven different quarterbacks since Peyton Manning rode off into the sunset following the team’s win in Super Bowl 50, Wilson was the big-name upgrade. One who would solidify that position for years to come, but Russ has been a shell of his former self.

It started with a Week 1 loss to his former Seahawks team and has continued to spiral downward. What’s even worse is Wilson was signed to a huge extension prior to the season, and he’s rubbed some people the wrong way with his benign and almost accepting attitude toward the team’s struggles.

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That attitude caused a dustup during Sunday’s loss to the Panthers, as defensive lineman Mike Purcell yelled at Wilson for his putrid and uninspiring play.

Following the game Wilson addressed what happened.

“Mike and I are on the same page, you know, he came off, after they kicked the field goal and he was pissed off, he was just sad.”

Mike Purcell Yells At Russell Wilson 

Looks like Purcell decided to do what no one else will and call Wilson to the carpet as the season flies off the rails. This season Wilson has looked slow, indecisive and downright lost at times, and that’ll explain his career-low 2,400 yards passing, eight touchdowns and five interceptions through eleven weeks of football.

If Hackett is indeed on his way out, the partnership with Russ never got off the ground. 

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