‘You’d Be Shocked At How Many Girls Have Granddaddy Issues’ | Cam and Mase Have OJ Simpson Gloating About His Spring Break Conquests

Pro Football Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson has been known to make some outlandish comments, and his takes on certain things have been known to be even more odd. Simpson, the 76-year-old former Heisman Trophy-winning running back, is now doing weekly appearances on the “It Is What It Is,” podcast with Harlem emcees Cam’ron and Mase. 

The legendary rusher is supposd to bring the weekly sports talk and give his opinion on other topics. Occasionally, Simpson goes off-script and begins to talk about other things that are going on to e his personal life, which he lives pretty much out of the limelight since his release from prison in 2017 and parole in 2021. During his most recent appearance on the show Simpson went off kilter a bit and told a story of his spring break shenanigans. 

Granddaddy Issues?

As Cam’ron made reference to how difficult it is to find the 76-year-old former Hertz car rental commercial star, Simpson didn’t hesitate to insinuate that he’s been messing around with some college girls. 

“Granddaddy issues,” is what Simpson spewed in response to Cam’ron’s comment. 

“You’d be surprised how many girls have father issues and granddaddy issues. You’d be shocked at how many girls have granddaddy issues.”

Simpson then proceeded to give the details of his very creepy hookup with a college girl. And how he had to end the relationship because she had to return to school. 

“She was from New Hampshire, it was one that I liked. I did like her, it lasted at least three days … she had to go back to school. 

“We were on the beach at Las Olas Blvd, it’s the best street in America as far as clubs, bars and good looking women.”

While Simpson didn’t reveal how old the young lady was, one has to figure she was in the neighborhood of 18-22 years old. So in many ways it could be looked at as Simpson was robbing the cradle, as they say.  Either way it’s creepy to hear someone almost 80 brag about being with a person a fourth of his age. 

Simpson Seen Looking His Age Recently

Simpson’s detailed excursion must’ve happened a while back, because he was recently seen in Las Vegas moving slowly and walking with a bit of a hunch. At his age that really isn’t too surprising, but when you hear him tell stories like that it makes you think when did this possibly happen. 

In retrospect, a good sign is he wasn’t using the cane he employed pretty frequently while locked up for stealing sports memorabilia. 

With Simpson a weekly correspondent with Cam’ron and Mase, expect more wild stories and even more strange happenings as pertain to his quiet-but-seemingly-booming personal life. 

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