YouTube Doctor Believes Bronny James Took His Last Dribble After Suffering Cardiac Arrest During USC Practice | Analysis Hits At LeBron’s Master Plan

Bronny James suffered cardiac arrest on Monday, July 24 while attending an informal workout with his USC teammates at their facilities. News regarding the 18-year-old shocked the sports world and garnered support from athletes such as Damar Hamlin, who experienced the same health crisis during a Monday night football game last season.

The four-star freshman was discharged from the hospital on yesterday and his superstar father sent out a tweet, thanking everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

YouTube doctor says Bronny James’ basketball days are over. (@BleacherReport/Twitter screenshot)

After the news broke on Monday, theories began to run wild on social media. Many people linked it to the vaccine, but the James family has yet to provide any details on what actually led to the cardiac arrest. Somehow, a doctor took to YouTube and gave chilling insight on the situation.

YouTube Doctor

Brian Sutterer, a popular sports doctor, is not close to the situation, but shared his opinion from experiences he has had in the medical field. Sutterer has certifications in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Basic Life Support, with just a little over two years of experience.

“There are some causes of cardiac arrest that you find the exact cause, and it still isn’t necessarily safe to return to sports because the risk is so high of having another cardiac arrest and potentially dying,” Sutterer said in the video. “If they don’t find an exact cause and you don’t really know what happened, you have to have that discussion of what exactly are the risks of going back out there and playing. Extremely serious situation we’re dealing with, then legitimately something that affects the rest of his career depending on what we discover and depending on what they have to do about it.”

LeBron’s Plan

If the doctor is right, then this would certainly put a damper on LeBron James‘ ultimate plan of being the first father-son duo to play together in the NBA.

Bronny is expected to spend only one year with the Trojans, but his freshman year obviously has taken an unexpected turn. If he is able to make a full recovery and keep rapidly progressing like he has over the last four years, then his father will have nothing to worry about.

LeBron is 38 years old now and is entering his 21st NBA season. Time is not on his side, but he won’t need it if Bronny is able to hold up his end of the bargain. LeBron signed a two-year extension last summer to remain with the Lakers through the 2023-24 season and have a player option for the 2024-25 season. It gives him the flexibility to opt out and sign with whatever team that drafts Bronny if the freshman decides to forego the rest of his college eligibility.

As for the impact of his health on his future, nobody knows what is going on with Bronny except for the ones close to the situation. Many are hoping this was a one-time incident and that he’ll be able to continue his basketball career, with it being best to leave the speculation alone until more details are provided.

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