Young Twitter User Shoots PR Shot To “Fix” Kevin Durant’s Narrative And Is Shut Down Royally | KD The Twitter Savage Still On Troll Patrol

Everyone has an opinion on how Kevin Durant should steer his career and deal with the constant barrage of media interpreting his story. With all the noise out there, especially on social media, Durant still finds some gems only to school the uninformed on his actual point of view.

Occasionally, it is a Hall of Fame-worthy social media chin check.

A Twitter user who claims to be a public relations major shot his professional shot at Durant, and the dice roll worked โ€” KD actually responded.


“Somebody tell @KDTrey5 to hire me, I got so much stuff to fix over there on his behalf,” posted a Twitter user called @ncorbsn.

To Twitter users’ surprise, KD was listening and curious as to what “stuff”@ncorbsn would prescribe to “fix” Durantโ€™s perceived media issues.

“Lol what you gonna fix my g?” Durant responded with playful skepticism.

What ensued next was an elevator pitch that was a mix of humor and youthful insight that gave KD and his Twitter followers a hearty chuckle at best.

“So I majored in PR we gotta clean up these media narratives that were never in your character. We gotta shine more light on your philanthropy. Ima double back and restructure the fashion sense then I gotta get you a luxury dog for stress relief in general. EMail for my resume?”

If hungry had a social media handle, it would clearly belong to this user. Albeit a humorous attempt, the user is capitalizing on Durant’s limbo moment with no one pulling the trigger on a trade deal yet for the star.

Durant quipped back humorously, “Beat it kid lol.”

Currently, rumors abound about his leadership or lack thereof. People are taking swipes at him for not being the “bus driver” of a team, and talking heads claim his legacy would be tarnished if he rejoined the Golden State Warriors; the noise is extremely high around the player.

On the outside looking in, Durant is in freefall. He was part of a triumvirate of All-Stars in Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and himself that at one time was thought to be frontrunners for an NBA championship. Now, reports are that although he wants out of Brooklyn, the team wants to keep him since there have been no substantial offers for the marquee talent.

Since Twitter is the best way to hear what Durant is thinking, the Nets are in the same boat as the rest of the world, learning where Durant is mentally one tweet at a time.

“Nobody knows what Kevin Durant is thinking right now. His communication with teammates and others in the league has been sparse,” NBA insider Brian Windhorst said on a recent episode of ESPN’s โ€œGet Up.โ€ “I don’t even think that the Nets have a 100 percent understanding of why Kevin asked for a trade.”

Durant signed a four-year, $194.2 million contract extension with the Nets, which activates next season while he searches for his best option; expect more junior publicists and marketers along with actual general managers to shoot their shot at the superstar.

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