“You Have More Hateful Comments Towards Coach Prime And We All Know Why” | RGIII Eviscerates Danny Kanell On Social Media

The University of Oregon stomped Coach Prime and the University of Colorado 42-6 last Saturday, and for some it was the comeuppance Sanders and the Buffaloes needed after a lot of early season coverage. Count former ESPN talking head Danny Kanell as one who was happy to see Colorado lose, though he tried to deny it. Current ESPN analyst Robert Griffin III wasn’t having it and called Kanell out.

How Did We Get Here?

Colorado was a one-win program last year and already has three wins in four games this season. Deion Sanders is a sports legend and he is “Primetime.” Like it or not. The ratings for Colorado games have been crazy, so naturally every media outlet is talking Colorado because viewer numbers suggest they are popular.

Prior to Saturday’s game against Oregon, Ducks head coach Dan Lanning was caught on video firing up his team saying “they’re (Colorado) fighting for clicks, we’re fighting for wins.” It went viral and Lanning continued to talk at halftime with his team up big and the victory was seen as the “medicine” Prime and his team needed.

RGIII saw the reactions and posted his thoughts on X.

“There is nothing wrong with Dan Lanning’s approach or intensity for HIS team. His job is to motivate HIS players, prop up HIS program and people are LOVING IT. Well that’s exactly what Coach Prime is doing for Colorado, so why do people hate it?”

We all know why, but Kanell couldn’t help himself and responded to Griffin III.

“Simple. People were exhausted with the over the top coverage of Deion. Every pregame speech aired ALL day on every ESPN show on loop. Over hyping average wins. That’s it.”

Again, Colorado is popular. Their game against Colorado State was the fifth-highest-rated regular season game ever and the highest in that time slot ever. Those numbers suggest people are interested in hearing about the program and its famous coach.

RGIII threw out some more facts for Kanell.

Kanell Is A Sanders Hater

Danny. Coach Prime took over a 1-11 Colorado team. Then got 47,277 fans to sell out their spring game, which was more than the last 9 spring games combined. Then sold out season tickets for the first time in 27 years. Then knocked off #17 TCU and started 3-0. YOU ARE JUST A HATER,” RGIII posted on X.

Kanell tried to pull up old posts of him speaking well on social media about Colorado but it was mostly hollow, never a good thing to say about Prime. Odd, considering both men are Florida State University alumni. They’re a part of the Seminole football family. They also both played baseball at FSU. These two should be kindred spirits.

But RGIII suggested he knows why Kanell has so much animus directed at Prime.

Back in 1998 while Kanell was starting QB for the New York Giants in a game against the Dallas Cowboys, he was picked off by Prime for a pick six. It was the last game Kanell ever started in the NFL.

“You have DRASTICALLY MORE hateful comments towards Coach Prime and we all know why,” RGIII posted.

Prime has been better at Kanell in every endeavor they’ve competed in. Football, baseball, and broadcasting.

Gifted and talented people can be really annoying to those that aren’t.

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