‘You Moved For Money And Security. Quit Calling It A God Thing.’ | Jason Whitlock Calls Coach Prime A ‘Fraud’ And ‘Sellout’ Like Coach Of Bishop Sycamore

Right-wing sports pundit Jason Whitlock called out University of Colorado football coach Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders on his show “Fearless” this week.

The talking head called Coach Prime a “sellout” and a self-promoter. While there might be truth to Whitlock’s comments, they are being delivered by the wrong messenger and are dripping in hypocrisy.

So Whitlock allegedly doesn’t like that Coach Prime is using God as a justification for leaving Jackson State University, one of the nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and the Black people of Mississippi for the white people and fans at the University of Colorado.

Hello Pot, Meet Kettle

Interesting, seeing that Whitlock’s recent supposedly faith-based worldview is his justification for criticizing every pro-Black sentiment in sports, culture and politics while aligning himself with the Tucker Carlsons and right-wing propagandists.

“Because you don’t have a set of standards, because you’re controlled by racial idolatry, you can’t see Deion and Colorado for what they are. B.S. High [Bishop Sycamore], Black Duke, fraudulent, using ‘God’ as a shield to mask and cover up the lack of ethics and immorality, the money grab, the radical materialism of the whole thing, the ‘sellout’, the leaving of Jackson, Mississippi– ‘your people.’ Poor people in need who could benefit from the economic impact that you’re delivering now for Colorado,” Whitlock said.

That sure sounds like a man who was given the opportunity to create an ESPN-backed/Black interest site (The Undefeated, now Andscape) that he was ousted from for reportedly stirring a hostile work environment, and being ill-equipped for the role. That same man who went on to FOX Sports, as his writing and opinions grew more polarizing and further from center toward the right, and who adopted a “faith-based” system as a way to push his propaganda through right-wing sports news website OutKick and conservative media company Blaze Media.

“You were having an economic impact for Jackson, Mississippi that’s 83% Black, and impoverished, ‘at-risk’ kids, and the George Floyds of the world—you were using your brand to benefit them. And as soon as the liberal White man cut you a check you hightailed it to their neighborhood to deliver those financial benefits to them. It’s fraudulent, you took the money and ran. Admit that you moved for money and security; nothing wrong with that, people make that decision all the time. Quit calling it a ‘God’ thing. That’s Roy Johnson, that’s ‘B.S. High'” Whitlock continued.

Using God And Religion As Justification

The latter is a reference to the disgraced head coach Roy Johnson of the fake high school Bishop Sycamore.

Whitlock doesn’t care about the impoverished at-risk kids, the “George Floyds” or the world. He’s too busy blaming the Black people in Mississippi for their predicament and providing them a version of the right wing “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” speech.

Is Deion a self-promoter? Yes. Did he leave an HBCU for a PWI Power 5 school and more money? Yes.

People will use any justification to explain why they do things. Deion wears a gold emblazoned cross and says “God relocated” him to Boulder.

“The world has never been able to rid itself of idols,” Whitlock wrote in a column. “Man is constantly looking to avoid the narrow path, for a less-demanding savior, a replacement for Jesus. America’s idolatry is at an all-time high. That’s the true legacy and impact of Barack Obama’s presidency. He ushered in the age of unrestrained idolatry. Deion Sanders is the new Barack Obama, an idol above all criticism, a celebrity who fills black people with pride and grants white supporters morality.”

Seems like both people using God/religion as a justification for their position. One to leave a job at an HBCU for a PWI and self-promote. The other to push anti-Black agenda and self-promote. Both ultimately done in service of and for themselves.

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