‘You Copied My Sh*t’ | Dennis Rodman Is Going To Bring The Wrath Of Kim Jong Un On Sneaker Style Thief Travis Scott

NBA legend Dennis Rodman is arguably the best rebounding forward to ever grace the hardwood. The relentless, defensive force affectionately known as “The Worm,” played vital roles as a member of the “Bad Boy” Detroit Pistons of the late 1980s and early 1990s, and later with the Chicago Bulls from 1995-1999. During the time frame Rodman helped the two franchises win five NBA championships with his rebounding, defense and relentless hustle.

For his efforts Rodman was awarded a signature shoe called the Nike Air Darwin, which debuted in 1994, and was known for the backward Nike swoosh that made it standout. Since 2019, Jordan Brand and Scott unveiled the Travis Scott Air Jordan Retro 1. Until recently Rodman didn’t say much about Scott’s shoe using that same iconic backward swoosh. 

But, with Rodman a special guest at a recent shoe convention, the eccentric one himself jokingly called out Scott while laughingly saying he wants his credit. 

Why Does Dennis Rodman Think Travis Scott Stole His Sneaker Idea?

“Travis Scott copied my shoe,” Rodman said. “I was the first guy to do mine backwards when I was playing with the Chicago Bulls. Come, on Travis, give me some credit. You copied my sh-t. This ain’t new, but either way, congratulations.”

While, Rodman may be joking, he’s also serious. With the insane amount of money that Scott’s shoes cost in comparison to what Rodman’s did, maybe he’s onto something. Scott’s shoe can go for thousands, and with Rodman’s now being considered retro sneakers they cost more than they did when he was playing and wearing them, but it’s still nowhere near what you’d pay to have Scott’s. 

Nike may have wanted folks to believe they backward swoosh with Scott’s shoe was innovative and different, but some 25 years earlier they unveiled that style. 

Rodman One Of Three Bulls With Own Signature Shoe

At the time Rodman played with the Chicago Bulls, they were are still are the only team with three players wearing a Nike signature shoe at the same time. Of course, Michael Jordan has his signature Air Jordan sneakers which to this day is the most famous sneaker ever made. 

Bulls legend Scottie Pippen also had his own signature shoe called the Nike Air Pippen that’s also still pretty popular to this day. 

It all was just part of the phenomenon known as “Da Bulls.”

Rodman Accomplishments Speak For Themselves 

Recognized as not only arguably the greatest rebounder at the forward position, Rodman was also a stalwart defender capable of guarding all five positions. A two-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year, and a seven-time first team All-Defensive Team, Rodman usually guarded the opposing team’s best frontcourt player but he had no problem guarding anyone. 

The seven-time rebounding champion was recently named to the NBAs 75th Anniversary Team, an honor he earned, but he still wants his shoe credit, Jordan Brand and Travis Scott. 

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