“Yeah, Mental Health, Bro, It Starts With Self-Love” | Aaron Rodgers Says His Use Of Psychedelics Has Increased His Passion For Life And The Game Of Football

The 2022 NFL season is set to begin on Thursday night with the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams hosting this year’s odds-on-favorite, the Buffalo Bills. 

One thing that doesn’t seem to change is Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers saying something wild and outlandish.  The back-to-back NFL MVP has been at the center of controversy concerning his unvaccinated status, retirement threats and now his using psychedelics as a way of life.

During a recent interview on his good buddy Pat McAfee’s popular show, Rodgers made it known that his use of ayahuasca has given him a newfound love for life and the game of football.

“I’ve been enjoying football since I did ayahuasca. So the last few years have been great.”

McAfee then wanted to know more. 

“Then we’ll talk about ayahuasca, because I’ve got a lot of questions. Your love of football though, since ayahuasca, why? New mindset, new vision on things, new look at things? Well, how come?”

Rodgers quickly responded:

“Yeah, mental health, bro. It starts out self-love, and when you increase that, then you’re able to pass that on more easily. And listen, the locker room is where the chemistry takes place. There’s a lot of great things that happen on the practice field, and obviously in the game, and outside the facility is fun, and dinners and different things. But the locker room, that’s the core of the connection.”


Sounds like Rodgers is really comfortable where he is in life, both on and off the gridiron. He was just singing a different tune a few weeks ago as he complained about his receivers needing to step up and play better.

Rodgers Credits Back-To-Back MVPs From Ayahuasca Use

In early August Rodgers appeared on the “Aubrey Marcus Podcast” and said he believes it’s no coincidence that his back-to-back MVP seasons came after he began taking the plant-based psychedelic. He mentioned how his mental health improved and how it played a huge role in his changed mindset.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I really don’t. I don’t really believe in coincidences at this point. It’s the universe bringing things to happen when they’re supposed to happen.

“There’s signs and synchronicities all around us at all times of we’re awake enough to see them and to take them in and listen to our intuition when it’s speaking to us or pounding us in the head saying, ‘Hey, dummy, this is what you’re supposed to be doing.’”

Rodgers proceeded to tell Marcus the decision to take ayahuasca stemmed from his previously delving into psychedelics. He’d go on to say “one of the best days of life” involved him consuming “shrooms” on the beach. He said he “felt himself merge with the ocean” following consumption.


Rodgers Looks For Third Consecutive MVP: But Without Top Target Davante Adams

Over the past two seasons, Rodgers passed for 8,414 yards, 85 touchdowns and just nine interceptions. But he’ll need to replace the 2,926 yards and 29 touchdowns that Davante Adams took with him to Las Vegas in the March blockbuster trade. While that will be nearly impossible, Rodgers will be forced to lean heavily on his running game and strong defense … and maybe some psychedelics

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