Why Odell Beckham Jr. Is Hustling Backwards For His Next Pay Day

 New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is reportedly prepared to hold out if he and the team are unable to agree on a contract extension.

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Is Odell Beckham threatening a holdout? Looks like his standoff with the Giants has begun … https://t.co/Gv4WiuFVNZ

The saga continues for the blonde bomber, who is definitely living in the wrong era. Hes a 70s soul existing in a time where social media and celebrity obsession creates a sounding board for critics and magnifies the personal lifestyles of athletes, celebrities and the socially elite. 

His public person is that of a party animal, with a wild streak, addicted to living on the edge. OBJ is usually the coolest cat in the building, the life of the party on and off the field. Hes an uninhibited superstar who isnt afraid to challenge his owners, brush off his coaches or share video streams and Tweets about his indulgences. 

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Odell Beckham and other Giants players were going HAM at Sterling Shepard’s wedding. https://t.co/WQiTapdgN8

Regardless of what you feel about OBJs life choices, hes a Top 3 talent at his position in the NFL and hes coming off of a serious injury and trying to negotiate a huge contract. Therefore, his business acumen has to be at 100 right now. And its just not. 

As much as the African-American community — once again so protective of its heroes — cops please for Odell’s  immaturity, the bottom line is that he’s weakened his bargaining position and his market value as far as the Giants are concerned. 

When a team invests huge money in a player, they are also counting on the player to be recognized as a high-character guy in the community as Eli Manning always has. That player is also expected to show class and leadership on the field. How long will he use youth as an excuse. We know he has an insatiable zest for life, but it appears he has no self-control. From his fights on the field, to his bothersome plights off of it. 

At a time when he needs to be onpoint, recover from a fractured ankle that limited him to just four games in 2017, lay low and break the bank, maybe even become the highest paid player in the sport as he once proclaimed was a personal goal, Beckham Jr. is kind of assing out. 

Now, Giants owner John Mara wont even commit to saying OBJ will definitely be on the Giants team. He told reporters on Sunday,  We’re not shopping him. 

If OBJs future with the team rests on the outcome of these contract negotiations then Giants fans should consider a life without the All-Pro receiver,  who is set to enter the final year of his deal, and will make around $8.5 million in 2018 as part of his fifth-year option.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Monday it is his “understanding” that OBJ “will not set foot on a field” until a contract extension is in place.

Ian Rapoport on Twitter

From @gmfb: My understanding is that #Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr will not set foot on a field without a new contract extension agreed to – with the #Giants or any team. … This comes a day after owner John Mara said no one is “untouchable” in trade talks.

Its not as if Beckham handled business on his part. Representing the organization and at least making an effort to present yourself as a role model of sorts is part of an athletes job. No one’s calling ODB a bad person. His teammates love him, the fans adore him when hes on the field and he still hasnt broken any laws that we know of. 

Beckham’s 288 catches through three years tied him with former college teammate Jarvis Landry for the most ever.  He wants $20 million a year. According to cbssports.com, “Antonio Brown currently has the highest average annual value on his contract of any receiver in the league, and he draws “only” $17 million per year on his deal. Even getting to $20 million per year would represent a 17 percent bump over the top of the market, which is enormous compared to the way NFL contracts typically work.”

All things being considered, Beckham might be bad for business. Beckham is trying to demand monetary compensation from a team that might not be ready to commit to his asking price in light of recent circumstances. 

The video recently circulated showing Beckham with a brown cigarette while a woman lying next to him handled a white substance with a credit card is damaging. 

On Sunday, Giants owner John Mara said that no player is “untouchable” when asked about the possibility of trading Beckham rather than giving him a new contract, per ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert.

Ralph Vacchiano on Twitter

John Mara, on whether Odell Beckham will eventually get a contract extension from the Giants: “I think so, but who knows?

The Giants respect Beckhams gangster. They know he will be negotiating for some major coin, but they have to weigh the pros and cons as an organization. Are they going to commit this money to Beckham, a guy who didnt even play last season, hasn’t proved hes 100 percent healthy and expresses some concerning erratic behavior at times? 

Or will they cave into his demands in fear of losing him to another team, or even worse, a division rival?

Giants fans can’t imagine life without him. Just 25-years-old, Beckham should have the whole world in his hands right now. Instead, hes given Giants ownership an opening to exploit and one to manage the backlash of the fans in case a deal cannot be reached and OBJ holds out.

This situation is looking messy and at the end of the day, OBJ and the way he handles his business is the blame.  

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