NY Giants Legend Carl Banks Resigns From WFAN Slot After Hosts Called Talented Linebacker Kayvon Thibodeaux A Bust

New York Giants legend and two-time Super Bowl champion Carl Banks has resigned from his weekly guest spot WFAN’s midday show with Brandon Tierney and Sal Licata.

The former LB got heated with the hosts last week after a segment where the hosts went hard on their criticism of Giants second year linebacker Kayvon Thibodeaux.

“If it’s not your job to find out what the kid does right, then it should not be your job to call him a bust,” Banks said after the hosts questioned Thibodeaux’s motor.

WFAN Hosts Over The Line?

Licata then ended the call with Banks.

According to the New York Post, WFAN management tried to talk Banks into returning for his guest spot, but to no avail.

Licata and Tierney addressed the situation on-air during Wednesday’s show.

“Usually in this spot, we have Carl Banks on. Last week we had a testy debate with Carl. Right on the air afterwards, I came on and apologized for the way that it ended, kind of cutting the call short there after 20 minutes,” Licata said.

“I also called him during the week and also apologized. He said all was good. But Carl just doesn’t want to do the spot anymore, so we move on.”

Banks Will Still Be On The Station

WFAN morning show host Greg Ginnotti seemingly took exception with the idea that Banks was done wrong, calling Banks’ weekly spot boring on-air during his show.

“If you want to say there was disrespect there, there was disrespect on both sides,” Giannotti said. “Carl is still gonna be on the radio station. He’s still gonna do the pregame show. He’s still gonna be calling the games on WFAN. And he did a weekly spot for 20 Goddamn years here that was boring as hell. So him resigning from WFAN really means nothing to us! And for anyone sitting there going, ‘Man, what a loss for WFAN,’ stop! No one really liked that spot.”

Local sports talk radio is the home of the emotional local fan. Hosts and call-in fans alike love to rip their hometown team and players.

Banks as a former player felt some type of way about Licata and Tierney critiquing a player that played the same position he did and has been making huge plays in clutch moments for the Giants as of late. It happens.

Banks spoke to both Licata and Tierney and it’s all good.

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