“Has Loaned Out $4 Million To 20 Players” | New York Daily News Writer Says Legendary Giants Coach Bill Parcells Dropped A Bag To Aid Former Players In Financial Crisis

Legendary two-time Super Bowl-winning New York Giants head coach and Pro Football Hall of Famer Bill Parcells was known for his toughness, leadership and winning.

That would explain his 172-130-1 record, and 11-8 in the playoffs while leading four different teams (Giants, Patriots, Jets and Cowboys) to the playoffs. Parcells’ two Super Bowl wins came as head coach of the Giants, but he also led the Patriots to the SB, and the Jets to the AFC Championship. 

Throughout his 19-year coaching career, Parcells was blessed to have some great players line up for him on Sundays. But, one aspect of Parcells that many probably have no idea about is his generosity. Per longtime New York Daily News writer Gary Myers, Parcells is a giver.

Myers spoke on this topic during a radio interview with WFAN to promote his new book “Once A Giant: A Story of Victory, Tragedy, and Life After Football,” which will be released on Sept. 12. The book about Parcells shares tidbits such as this that may surprise folks. 

Parcells Bails Former Players Out Of “Financial Crisis”

In the book, Myers tells the story of how the tough, hard-nosed Parcells aka The Big Tuna gave some of his former players some major cash without the assumption that it would ever be paid back. 

“Bill has loaned out, with no expectation of being repaid, $4 million to 20 players that played for him that come to him in this financial crisis. Bill knows when they come to him it’s a last resort,” Myers said.

“I said, ‘Bill, four million dollars, and you don’t expect anyone to pay you back. Why are you doing that?’ And he goes, ‘These guys have sacrificed so much for me with their bodies and their commitment.”

Parcells’ Gesture Is ‘Unprecedented’

In an era where it’s all about me, Parcells hasn’t forgotten who helped him land those huge deals as a head coach. So as a way of paying the players back he’s coming to their aid in a time of need. This shows a softer side of Parcells who coached the likes of Lawrence Taylor, Phil Simms, Harry Carson, Drew Bledsoe, Curtis Martin and the list goes on. 

Myers says the move is something we’ve never seen in sports, and he’s probably right. 

“I think it’s unprecedented,” Myers said. “I just don’t know of any other coach who sits down and writes checks to his former players who are really in financial need. It’s really a cool story, and I think you’ll learn a lot about the change in Parcells when you read this book.”

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