‘Why Is Your Twitter Handle Moneygreen When You Broke?’ | Cam’ron Says Jordan Poole Was Talking Reckless When Draymond Chin-Checked Him

Dipset rapper Cam’ron revealed that trash talk from Jordan Poole aimed at Draymond Green is what led to Poole getting knocked out at Golden State Warriors training camp at the beginning of the season. That’s what many have suspected. Killa Cam was very specific in the insults Poole allegedly hurled at Green.

“They saying it was reasons Draymond punched him in the face,” Cam said on his “It Is What It Is” sports show. “The first day it was a Michigan – Michigan State beef. Draymond is from Michigan State, he’s from Michigan. He told Draymond ‘I f***** more b****es at Michigan State than you did while you were there.’ Then they were running sprints and he told Draymond ‘don’t worry, you’ll be in Sacramento next year.’ Then he told Draymond, ‘why is your Twitter handle moneygreen when you broke and not gonna get a new contract?’ And that’s the one that broke the camel’s back.”


Poole Is Known To Talk Trash

There were rumors circulating almost immediately that this was the case. Poole is known to be a reckless trash talker. With the Warriors coming off a title and opting to extend Poole first, Green undoubtedly felt some type of way.

Green is also a relentless trash talker so it’s hard to imagine he was just taking it before he went off and clocked Poole. But maybe the youngster was feeling himself that day and performing well, while the veteran Green wasn’t?

We don’t know who Cam’s sources are. But rappers and ballers travel in similar circles and the gossip mill is ripe with all sorts of juicy nuggets.

Not only did Green knock Poole out, it seems that finally in the aftermath of it all the Warriors made their choice.

Poole was dealt to the Washington Wizards last week for Chris Paul. Patrick Baldwin Jr. and Ryan Rollins also went to D.C. in the deal.

Will The Warriors Re-Sign Draymond?

Publicly the Warriors will say Poole underperformed in last year’s playoffs, which he did, and that as he was about to begin a four year $123 million extension the team needed to pivot to maximize franchise star Stephen Curry’s title window. That may be true in part.

But the punch fractured the team’s connectivity and chemistry. The trust between the vets and the young guys was irrevocably broken. As good as the vets are, they need everyone pulling in the same direction to compete for titles.

Poole’s relationship with head coach Steve Kerr strained and the young sharpshooter grumbled about his role.

Green is an unrestricted free agent and is looking to get paid, sources tell The Shadow League. He might be willing to give the Warriors some measure of a “discount.” But that’s a nebulous term. One person’s discount is another’s …

Given that Green is a perennial member of one of the All-Defensive teams, he is eligible for a max contract extension. That would be four years and about $138 million. He would be 37 at the end of that deal.

If the Warriors offer works for Green, he’ll take it. If not, he’ll seek greener pastures. He’s still an elite defensive player when engaged, and his agent Rich Paul can work his magic if needed.

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