While You Were Working: Tom Brady Got Paid

Tom Brady snagged a $30 million signing bonus, in a shrewd move to save cap space by the New England Patriots, while still paying their golden boy. DJ Dunson has more on the Patriots financial games.


Check out the new way to stop illegal downloads. This is going to be controversial.



Are the Jets avoiding Darrelle Revis? So typical.


Tyrann Mathieu ran a fast 40 – as did Alabama DB Dee Milliner – but his bench press numbers are concerning.


Derek Fisher signing with the Oklahoma City Thunder has agitated the Dallas Mavericks.


The NBA has rescinded Kobe Bryant's technical foul from Monday. He is now three techs away from a suspension.


Coach K announced he will not return to coach Team USA.


Kyrie Irving will miss tonight's game against the Bulls with a knee injury.




Child services are investigating a nine-year-old rapper named Lil' Poopy.


75 top Republicans signed a legal brief for the Supreme Court arguing that gay marriage is a constitutional right.



Marco Rubio doesn't think Lil' Wayne is the next Tupac.


Nicki Minaj wants to be an actress and is reading scripts.


A$AP Rocky sat down with MrPorter.com and discussed his interest in fashion.


Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Will.I.Am and Chris Bosh want you to learn how to code.



The Oklahoma State football team put on a dunk contest during halftime of the OK State basketball game.




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