While You Were Working: The Jets Are Piling On Mark Sanchez Again

    During practice for the New York Jets, their quarterbacks, Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith, threw 21 passes and totaled four INTs. Sanchez was responsible for three of them. An unnamed player on the Jets said he estimates 80-90 percent of the team would like to see him replaced, after coach Rex Ryan said the INTs were "unnacceptable."


    Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak denies that Dwight Howard complained about Coach D'Antoni.


    Reggie Bush joined the Detroit Lions for the same reason any player joins a mildly successful to great team: to win championships. 


    British police clashed with the far-right English Defense League last night when the group rioted in protest of a British soldier being hacked to death with knives and meat cleavers by two men who appeared to be Islamists. The attackers spoke on camera, before police showed up and shot the suspects and brought them into custody, saying the attack was in response to Britain sending troops to the Middle East. 


    Minnesota Vikings DE Jared Allen has no interest in any sort of deal restructuring or a pay cut. 


    Michigan's Trey Burke is hearing he'll be drafted in the top six.


    Kentucky coach John Calipari says the Cleveland Cavs scouted his team more than any other, another sign they are likely to take Nerlens Noel with the top overall pick in the NBA draft.


    Here is another contradictory reason why marijuana is still illegal.


    Rihanna shot a raunchy video for "Pour It Up."


    NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg threatens to "f*cking destroy" the taxi industry.


    Forbes names Michelle Obama the fourth most powerful woman in the world.


    Ludacris talks about his upcoming project.


    Ray J brought his Kim K lookalike on 106 & Park.


    Someone compiled all the remixes of "U.O.E.N.O."


    Earl Sweatshirt drops a new track with Mac Miller.