While You Were Working: Monta Ellis Got Rid Of His Agent

Monta Ellis is frustrated because he hasn't been offered a deal like some of the other premier free agents. Ellis probably should've taken that $11 million he was guaranteed to make with the Bucks this season, but the thought in him opting out was that he'd try to pair up with another big name free agent and perhaps take less money. Either way, Monta's looking to switch agents before he's unemployed this season. 


Dwight Howard was welcomed to Houston at the esteemed midtown Breakfast Klub. It's been reported that Howard paid for everyone's meal who was there, but it's unclear if that meant the folks who were in the long @$$ line that curbs around the building, or the ones who were already inside, in which case they'd already paid since you pay at the door. Either way, dining at The Breakfast Klub was perhaps his first solid decision since touching down in Houston. 


Rick Pitino said Kevin Ware could be playing ball again by October


DeMarco Murray defended his quarterback, noting that the Cowboys' success or failure is not all on Tony Romo's head. 


The former fiancee of Jason Collins says she's still hurt that the NBA center was not more forthcoming about his sexuality at some point in their eight-year relationship. I only bring this up because it's the one issue we often overlook in this conversation – what the deception does to the other side. 


Here's Kevin Durant, Nike and the #SUMMERISSERIOUS campaign.



George Zimmerman's defense team attempted to demonstrate the altercation between Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin that led to the 17-year-old's death.


The Texas House gave final approval on the abortion restrictions


A federal judge ruled that Apple conspired with major publishers to raise the prices of electronic books to make things more difficult for lower-priced competitors


Kanye West said it was heartbreaking when the video to "Black Skinhead" was leaked. 


Ghostface Killah says he has plans of recording seven more albums in the next 37 months


Jim Jones and Jeremih dropped "Nasty Girl."