While You Were Working: Chad Johnson Was Set Free

Chad Johnson had his 30-day jail sentence reduced to seven days after apologizing to Broward County Circuit Judge Kathleen McHugh, who actually jailed him for tapping his lawyer on the backside for good work in the courtroom. 


Milwaukee Bucks guard Monta Ellis informed the team he will opt out of the last year of his contract. ESPN's Chris Broussard noted Ellis could be passing up the remaining $11 million on his deal to team up with buddy Dwight Howard. That's of course in the event D12 doesn't end up balling with Chris Paul somewhere. 


The Nuggets hired Tim Connelly to replace Masai Ujiri as executive vice president of basketball operations. Job No.1 is going to be replacing Coach of the Year George Karl, who was recently fired. 


Scottie Pippen jumped to Derrick Rose's defense for criticism the Bulls point guard received while sitting out the entire 2012-13 season recovering from a torn ACL. 


Retired NFL wide receiver Donald Driver says he wouldn't do it for any other team, but he'd come back if the Packers asked him to


Miss Utah, in all fairness, tripped over a question that no one honestly expected her to deliver an insightful answer to. The clip is a bit cringe-worthy, but funny at the same time. 


Birdman is on milk cartons in Miami. Something's up, but no one seems to know what. BBC thought they found him for an interview, but dude wasn't having that. 



ScHoolboy Q discusses fatherhood, his new record Oxymoron and how Kendrick Lamar's good kid m.A.A.d. city inspired him. 


Nitty Scott MC has a video for "Flower Child" featuring Kendrick. 


The Supreme Court decided Monday in a 7-2 ruling that states can't require additional proof of citizenship on federal forms designed to streamline the voting process. 



And you know how the major drug companies could pay competitors with cheaper, rival copies of their drugs to stay off the market? Federal regulators can now shift the balance of power with the ability to sue drug companies under antitrust violations. T'was a busy day for the SCOTUS.


Apple, Facebook and Microsoft are dealing with a delicate situation in the government's request for customer data. 'Cause you best believe the customers wouldn't like that very much. 


Shootings in Chicago over the weekend killed at least seven and injured 46. There were 15 and 16-year-old kids getting shot, apparently by rival gangs and the police. 


We already knew Kanye West wasn't worried about this album leaking (even if Def Jam still is). And now we know sounds from Yeezus are on "The Wolf of Walll Street" soundtrack because "Black Skinhead" is in this clip of the trailer starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey and directed by Martin Scorcese. 



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