While You Were Working: Bryce Harper Picked His Father To Toss Him Home Run Derby Balls

Bryce Harper is going to have his pops throw to him at the Home Run Derby tonight. 


Cam Newton, who is from the Atlanta area, admitted to still being a Falcons fan except for when the Panthers play them twice a year. This comes after Colin Kaepernick was spotted rocking a Dolphins hat. Still waiting on the season to start, so yeah, this is happening.


Johnny Manziel entered a guilty plea on failing to identify himself to police after a bar fight last summer. It didn't work then, and it sooooo wouldn't happen today with him being a rock star and everything. 


Victor Cruz apologized for his tweet that "the hood" would catch up to George Zimmerman by a year's time. In his interview with Mike & Mike, he talked about having kids follow him and not wanting to incite violence. That, of course, is the corporate view. The real point is killing this assumption that people in the hood are going to seek out or even concern themselves with George Zimmerman, or that he would make the aimless decision to visit the hood. 

This hood vs. Zimmerman stuff is overstated. People are upset, but life goes on. The folks in the hood tend to have their own problems, yanno.


Maurkice Pouncey is also retracting. In one of the worst PR moves in NFL history, Pouncey and his twin brother Mike of the Miami Dolphins donned "Free Hernandez" hats at their birthday party. Yeah, they played college ball at Florida with the guy. But why they would want to take this time of all times to support him so brashly escapes me. 


Rising sophomore Cavs guard Dion Waiters was a like a man amongst boys in a Summer League win against the Grizzlies. 


So Hostess brought back the Twinkies under new ownership, right? But they couldn't hire any unionized workers and only a quarter of their former jobs are expected to return. 


The New York Times has this piece on how the sweeping abortion restrictions in Texas, that are forcing 37 of the state's 42 clinics to close, could result in women seeking unsafe abortion pills from flea markets and Mexico. It's jarring, really. 


Attorney General Eric Holder doesn't believe the facts of the George Zimmerman case meet the standard of a hate crime to pursue federal charges. And quite honestly, our legal standards on race sensitive issues have always been shot. 


Jay-Z just claimed the No.1 spot on the British charts for the first time in his career. 


Shoutout to Serge Ibaka for pulling Keri Hilson


We introduced underground Houston artist Express last week. Here's another from him for everyone coming away from the Zimmerman verdict asking "What if?"