“We Need More Men Empowering Men, Not Boys Raising Boys” | Cam Newton Addresses Heisman Boycott, Rumors Of Auburn Paying Him $180K

Former NFL MVP Cam Newton has successfully made the switch from the gridiron to the podcast world. Newton, the host of the rising “4th and 1” podcast, has been in the news quite a bit over the last couple of months.

From the physical altercation he was involved in at his youth football camp to his being on press row at the Super Bowl, Newton has been a busy man. 

The former Heisman Trophy-winning signal-caller recently made the stop by the “Club Shay Shay” podcast to discuss a bevy of topics.

Did Auburn Pay Cam Newton $180K Bag?

One being how he ended up at Auburn after leaving Florida, where he was teammates with Tim Tebow, Percy Harvin, Joe Haden and the late Aaron Hernandez. For years the rumor has been the Tigers gave him and his family $180K for him to transfer there after a season at Blinn College, where he also led them to the JUCO national championship in his lone season. 

Newton Says Former Gators OC Started That Rumor

At the time of his transfer to Auburn, Newton’s former offensive coordinator at Florida, Dan Mullen, was hoping to land Newton at Mississippi State. When that didn’t happen, Newton says Mullen and his wife began to spread rumors that Newton chose Auburn because they illegally paid him $180K.

That rumor has long stuck with Newton, who felt the need to clear it up during his interview with Shannon Sharpe, the Pro Football Hall of Famer. 

Newton says he would’ve had a new car, house or something that told on himself. That was never the case and because of that it’s never been anything more than a rumor.

Newton also mentioned how his dad Cecil empowered him to be a man, and why he still lives by those principles. Newton told Sharpe this:

“We need more men empowering men, not boys raising boys.”

Strong words spoken by Newton’s dad to him, and how he’s let it resonate with him ever since says a lot about who he is as a person. 

Cam Newton Says He’ll Never Attend Heisman Ceremony

As a result of the rumor, Newton’s father Cecil had to tak the fall in order for his son to continue to be able to play. But as a result he was banned from all remaining games that season and the subsequent Heisman Trophy ceremony. Because of that disrespect to the man that raised him, Newton has vowed to never attend a Heisman Trophy ceremony with the award’s past winners. 

What’s crazy is you never see Newton on the Heisman House commercials that run on ESPN randomly. Meaning he’s pretty serious about not attending the ceremony or participating in other facets of the winning the prestigious award. 

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