While You Were Working: Aaron Hernandez’s Cousin Was Jailed For Not Talking To The Grand Jury

Aaron Hernandez's cousin has been in jail since August 1st for refusing to testify in front of a grand jury. Authorities seem to believe that Hernandez's cousin Tanya Cummings-Singleton purchased a bus ticket for Ernest Wallace, who is charged with accessory. We know at least one of Hernandez's homies named Carlos Ortiz hasn't handled police interrogation the way the former Patriots tight end probably wanted him to. Ortiz told police he discussed the murder of Odin Lloyd with Cummings-Singleton. 


It's an open secret that two of Jerry Buss' kids – Jim and Jeanie – don't exactly get along. Well, Jeanie coming out and saying her father would have been able to convince Dwight Howard to stay in LA (sort of suggesting her brother couldn't) isn't going to make things more comfortable at the Thanksgiving dinner table. 


LeBron James went for jury duty in Summit County (Ohio), but he didn't have to actually have to stay. There's this little concept they like to refer to as "order in the courtroom."


A former Dallas Mavericks Hip Hop dancer was charged with capital murder in the deaths of his ex-girlfriend and her daughter. 


Some lames vandalized Jackie Robinson's statue in Brooklyn. Stadium workers tried to remove as much of the racial epithets as they could, but some areas they just had to cover up. 


The Biogenesis whistleblower says he's being bullied by Major League Baseball. I mean, what did this guy expect to happen?


So a few days ago, Bryce Harper didn't respond kindly to being hit in the leg by Nationals pitcher Julio Teheran, which was in reaction to Harper's reaction to hitting a home run in his previous at bat. In turn, the Braves Twitter account sent this out.



Now Braves GM Frank Wren is calling it "an inappropriate attempt at humor (Harper is famously known for telling a reporter "that's a clown question, bro.") But it doesn't say much for the game if they can police themselves by overreacting to things with fastball pitches to the physical body, then can't at least laugh about it on Twitter. C'mon. 




Mexico's "Frank Lucas" was released from prison after a 28-year bit. 


The Google Maps app was updated, but not for new features. Just so they could redesign the ads. 


ScHoolboy Q thinks Macklemore should win Best Hip Hop Video at the VMAs. 


Mac Miller discusses the dark period in his career during the Macadelic tour when he though fans didn't embrace his mixtape the way he hoped.


Juvenile signed Cali Pachino to his UTP Records and promised it would be "the mixtape of the year." Here's a link to the two of them on "Street Money."


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