While You Were Working: 12.11.12

LeBron James defended Dwyane Wade yesterday, telling Charles Barley to “shut up.” Barkley made comments on TNT that Wade has lost some explosiveness and athletic ability. Wade shot a career-high 11 of 13 last night against the Hawks. 

What's interesting is James speaking out. I mean, we know Wade can just hit Barkley on the T-Mobile My Circle, right? Why did he feel the need to even say anything? The performance said enough, and for all the criticism LeBron and Wade have taken over last two years, this seems like a minor one to hit back at.


Ian McKellan, Gandalf in the upcoming movie, The Hobbit, revealed he has had prostate cancer for the past seven years.


Jon Stewart, star of The Daily Show, revealed he had to be “talked down from a moderately high cliff" from quitting the show with the original staff and direction of the show.


Check this:



I've been ignoring a lot of the Hillary Clinton for President talk until she really indicates she wants to run, but Nate Silver's study shows she would be strong in 2016.



Speaker Boehner accused the President of slow walking the fiscal talks.



The top 15 memes from Pacquiao Marquez.



Check out Tip's new short film, “Trap Back Jumpin.”



Smartphone apps are keeping information on kids' cell phones, due to restrictions that make it difficult for parents to control settings, according to the Federal Trade Commission.



According to Blake Griffin, Terrell Owens was at Clippers summer camp begging coaches for a contract.





The NFL will be holding services for Javon Belcher this week in New York.



The McRib is back next week.



100 places to see, or at least look for a minute, before the Mayan apocalypse next week.



Frank Ocean does a quick Radiohead cover at a Spotify event.


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