While You Were Working: 11.30.12

A ridiculous column from David Whitley of AOL Sporting News had people buzzing on Twitter. Whitley compares 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick's tattoos to those of prisoners. Sloppy, poor, played-out. Do better.


Kaepernick's parents were among those upset at the column.

Words from our friend Vinny Goodwill.


But, for those who don't know about Kaepernick's past, here's an excellent look from 2011.


Jon Gruden has finally put the Tennessee Vols rumors to rest.


Kobe's latest kicks.


VH1's 50 favorite Twitpics from November. Hint: Rihanna.  


Along with Hillary Clinton's work yesterday, Durex is working for an HIV-free generation on World AIDS day.


The President gave a speech about the looming fiscal cliff.


And Joe Biden.


David Stern is getting crushed for his comments on the Spurs.

LeBron James didn't seem a problem with it, either.

50 is just beefing with everyone these days


R. Kelly is working on a Trapped in the Closet novel.


That's enough of all that.


New Rick Ross, featured in Django Unchained.


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