While You Were Working: 1.24.13


The Atlanta Braves completed a seven-player trade with the D-backs, acquiring the centerpiece of the deal Justin Upton who will join his brother B.J. who signed with the Bravos in the offseason. The Braves surrendered Martin Prado in exchange.


In other Upton news…



John Harbaugh says the Ravens have a plan to keep Colin Kaepernick under 200 rushing yards. Ambitious…


The Jets found someone willing to take their GM job! Huzzah!


Adrian Wojnarowski does his thing with the Lakers again, this time with a source saying Dwight Howard's main concern about resigning with LA is coach Mike D'Antoni.


Les Miles just got a bump, and will now make $4.3 million per year through 2019.


FSU's QB coach just took a job at Miami. This isn't right. This guy sucks. I'm not even naming him.


Justin Timberlake. March 19. Set the countdown.


Please be photoshopped.



The war on terror is a lot like the war on drugs: useless.


Royce White will return to playing basketball for the Rockets in the D-League.


Ladieeeeees (Cassie, Trina and Lola “All Gold, All Girls”)




Smoke DZA and Joey Bada$$ drop a video for “Gotham F*cking City”.



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