When The Going Gets Tough, Kevin Durant Gets Going | Chris Broussard Says He Knows Why

On Thursday, after three seasons, Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant formally requested a trade away from the Brooklyn Nets.

The superstar player cited Phoenix and Miami destinations he’d prefer to be traded to. Unfortunately, this has been Durant’s modus operandi throughout his career. He leaves when the going gets tough or something may not be his liking. He did it in OKC, Golden State, and now BK.

During a segment on the “Odd Couple” podcast, FS1 personality Chris Broussard had some things to get off his chest regarding K.D. Broussard believes Durant struggles to stand on his own as a leader of men.

“If you look at the great players who won multiple championships or led dynasties, they were leaders, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, Michael Jordan, Steph Curry, Tim Duncan. They are leaders.

“They either lead vocally as well as by example or they lead by setting the tone for the culture. This is how we do it. That’s how Duncan and Steph did it. That’s not Kevin Durant.”

“I think we know why — with all his talent, all the great teammates he’s had — that’s why he hasn’t got it done outside of going to Steph’s team,” Broussard reasoned.

While Durant scores it effortlessly, he’s never been known for his leadership at any of his three NBA stops.


Has Durant Ever Shown Leadership?

Durant’s lack of leadership in OKC, along with head coach Scott Brooks, is a huge reason why Russell Westbrook is the type of player he is today. Never once did Durant, the team’s franchise player, demand Russ play a different way to ensure more efficiency in late-game situations. That lack of discipline and reckless play was a huge reason the Thunder never won a championship.

K.D. has never shown the leadership required to lead his team to the finish line. During his time with the Warriors, Durant was the unquestioned best player on the team, but he never had to lead.

Steph Curry and Draymond Green did that and, to a lesser extent Andre Iguodala. All Durant had to do was to score and score some more. That led to two championships and three NBA Finals during his tenure in the Bay Area.

KD Vaults For Brooklyn, His Own Team

K.D. vaulted for Brooklyn after feeling like he was taken for granted with the Warriors. In all honesty, Durant never seemed comfortable coming to a team that had just won an NBA-record 73 games but blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals.

In Brooklyn, things have fallen apart with James Harden requesting and being traded midseason. Add in Kyrie Irving’s malcontent ways and his refusal to get vaccinated, severely hurting team chemistry, and now Durant wants out. What’s funny is he wants to be traded to teams (Miami and Phoenix) that were the top seed in their conference this past season.

Things got tough, and Kevin Durant is again throwing in the towel, looking for another fresh start.

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