“We’re Gonna Cease-And-Desist Baby Gronk’s Dad” | NFL Legend Rob Gronkowski Is Tired Of Baby Gronk’s Obnoxious, Clout-Chasing Dad Constantly Calling Him

Over the last couple months social media has been buzzing as Jake San Miguel, the father of social media sensation “Baby Gronk,” has been full throttle in promoting his 10-year-old son, Madden.

He’s attempted to get Madden, who has more 327,000 followers on Instagram onto every podcast and sports show possible.

San Miguel has also apparently been blowing up the person whom Madden is named after. That’d be none other than former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski. 

Gronk, who’s never one to hold his tongue, isn’t a fan of San Miguel and how he’s directing his young son’s athletic career. While attending the Tight End University, Gronk vlogged with the “Bussin With The Boys” podcast, where the future Hall of Famer had a lot to say about San Miguel.

Gronk Ready To Cease-And-Desist The Dad

San Miguel, has been called pushy and a bit aggressive in his approach for trying to get “Baby Gronk” to be this multi-million dollar brand and next great football prospect. It’s safe to say the approach isn’t working with most, and Gronkowski is one of those who isn’t in favor of how he’s exploiting his son. 

Gronk told Barstool sports this about San Miguel.

“Four weeks ago, my brother told me, ‘Yo have you seen Baby Gronk?’ Did I see him? I go, ‘His dad hit me up 500 times already.’ ‘He goes, Don’t do anything. The dad is so annoying.’ And this was like five, six weeks ago. And then all of a sudden, two weeks later, it’s coming out everywhere. Me and my brother were dying laughing.”

“It’s to a point where it’s awkward. It’s too far. We’re gonna cease-and-desist Baby Gronk’s dad.”

The hosts of the “Bussin With The Boys,” former NFL linebacker Will Compton and current NFL free agent offensive lineman Taylor Lewan, declined to have San Miguel and Baby Gronk on their hit podcast. 

The hope is Gronk being disinterested in hyping up a 10-year-old who should be doing kid stuff, will bring this farce of a facade to an end. But something says San Miguel won’t be deterred by it and will continue on this path of blatantly exploiting his young son. 

San Miguel Says Baby Gronk Has Been Doing This Since Age 6

Last month during an interview with The Athletic, San Miguel gave an inside look at the day and life of Baby Gronk.

He started by first saying Madden has been “programmed since he was 6 years old.”

“He diets, he eats clean foods, salmon and brown rice. He is in a routine. He’s a real athlete,” San Miguel told The Athletic. “He’s not a normal kid. Normal kids are emotional. They put their head down when they make mistakes, talk back to the coaches, they make noises, but he doesn’t do that.”

For all we know young Madden could end being one of the all-time greats to ever play the game. But with a dad like San Miguel, it also wouldn’t be surprising if as a result of the immense pressure that he’s under at age 10 he starts to hate the game sooner than later. 

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