“Not A Black Woman In Sight” | Photo Of Philadelphia Eagles WAGs Sparks Social Media War On Interracial Relationships In 70 Percent Black NFL

It’s never too late for social media to start some trouble and start playing detective. It’s the offseason, and people are thirsting for some NFL drama and seemed to have found it with a photo from 2023, where the wives and girlfriends of Philadelphia Eagles football players took a photo at a holiday gathering. 

A photo from a Holiday party attended by wives and girlfriends of Philadelphia Eagles player caused an uproar on social media for the gathering’s lack of Black women. (Photo: Instagram)

Led by Jason Kelce’s wife Kylie Kelce, kicker Jake Elliott’s wife Annie Elliott and linebacker Rick Lovato’s wife Jordan Britt Lovato, the wives and girlfriends of the Eagles players celebrated the holiday season with a festive Philly-themed party.

The party was at Lovatos’ home, where Jordan decorated the place in green and white balloons and Eagles-themed decor.

The ladies enjoyed festive food and florals, and lavish gifts with products for attendees from brands like Stoney Clover, MAC Cosmetics, LoveSac and Mejuri.

 Kylie, 31, posted a photo of the women posing in their festive outfits at the party on Lovato’s stairwell.

At the time, the party flew under the radar, but after the picture resurfaced, social media went crazy and the conversation about Black athletes and white women was off to the races. 

To be fair, there was one Black woman in the back and a few of the women appeared to be Hispanic. Some Xers, however, were more focused on the perceived level of beauty of the women, as much as the race. The response suggested that the players not only dated out of their race, but the women are not drop dead gorgeous.  

Other Xers just went in with no bathing suit on, with one saying, “If it ain’t snowing, I ain’t going” — some Black guy, probably.

Another said: “Not a Black woman in sight.”

We must remember this was 2023 and WAGs tend to change quicker than the momentum of a play following a fumble. It’s safe to assume that there are Black girlfriends on the Eagles. Maybe they just didn’t get invited to the party. Which opens up an entirely new can of worms. Why weren’t the Black girlfriends invited? 

According to X investigators, star QB Jalen Hurts is not in an interracial relationship. Star wide receiver Devonta Smith’s girlfriend and defensive end Brandon Graham’s wife are both Black women. 

So maybe there were several holiday parties and that one was void of melanin. In any event, it also sparked very personal opinions from Black men when it comes to dating Black women and why these athletes seem to prefer to date white women.

Some white participants took the time out to use the photo as a teaching lesson about “Black racism,” related this conversation to Rick Ross and Kendrick Lamar referring to rapper Drake, who is mixed, as a “white boy.”

This one photo seemed to captivate the masses and spark a conversation about race and relationships that’s as old as this country. It also perpetuated the idea that Black athletes chase white women or vice versa, however you want to look at it.

The photo ran wild with very little context, and coming on the heels of the NFL draft where its was common to see the white girlfriend sitting next to the family of the Black player who is about to get the bag, the conversation on this subject continues to bring opinions and personal philosophies about interracial dating and marriage to the forefront.

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