We’ll Pay For Your Pain | C.J. Stroud Was Getting Mercilessly Heckled On Venmo After Loss To Michigan Because He Doesn’t Use Social Media

Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback C.J. Stroud just finished a remarkable two years at one of the premier programs in all of college football. In those two seasons the 2023 top-five NFL draft prospect won 21 of his 25 starts, passing for nearly 7,800 yards, 81 touchdowns and just 12 interceptions.

But when you attend Ohio State only one game matters to fans, and that’s the annual matchup with archrival Michigan Wolverines, or “That Team Up North.” Unfortunately for Stroud he went 0-2 against the Wolverines, and when that happens fans are never too happy. 

C.J. Stroud Doesn’t Do Social Media During Football Season

Stroud, who doesn’t entertain social media during the season, recently told Jim Rome of CBS Sports that fans got creative to voice their displeasure of about his play. 

“For me and my teammates, man, being at Ohio State, if you have any source of social media or type of technology, Ohio State fans have it,” Stroud told Rome last week at the Super Bowl. “So, man, I was getting DMs — I don’t have social media throughout the season — I was getting DMs on Venmo, the money app, from fans telling me ‘play better,’ things like that.”

Fans wanted to rip into Stroud so bad for losing the Michigan game that they actually sent him money on an app in order to get their message to him.

Stroud finished his Ohio State career as the Buckeyes’ No. 2 in career passing yards, touchdowns passes, passes completed and completion percentage. 

Although he didn’t beat the Wolverines he did almost lead the Buckeyes to an upset of No. 1 and eventual champion Georgia Bulldogs in the College Football Playoffs. 

Stroud Is A Top Five NFL Draft Prospect

Stroud is being mentioned as one of the top three signal-callers heading into the 2023 NFL draft, along with Alabama’s Bryce Young and Kentucky’s Will Levis. The belief is Stroud will go after Young, who’s being mentioned as the top overall pick if the Bears decide against trading raw quarterback Justin Fields

CJ Stroud Ohio State QB heckled through venmo by fans.
Top-five NFL draft prospect C.J. Stroud says Ohio State fans would use his Venmo and pay money just to be able to heckle him after losing to archrival Michigan. (Photo: Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

During the interview with Jim Rome, Stroud discussed what sets him apart. 

“First and foremost, I think that I’m a man of God and a man that has a great foundation with people behind him,” Stroud said. “Have a great team, great circle. For me, I think I’m a difference-maker, a game-changer, and a go-getter. Those are all the things I think you want in a quarterback to lead a franchise, and that’s something I hold near and dear to my heart — just being a leader everyday and really just coming in with a clean sleeve. I’ve been through a lot in my life, and I feel like that’s what the league is about. It’s about adversity. Getting over that, getting over those failures and hard times, and that’s something that I’m accustomed to and it’s no stranger to me. I definitely think that those are things that will make me be successful in this league.”

C.J. Stroud’s Dad Serving 38 Years In Prison

When he was 13, Stroud’s dad, C.J. Sr., was sentenced to 38 years in prison. Despite that Stroud has still ground himself into a top NFL prospect and one who’s expected to help change the fortune of some struggling franchise. 

As of now, most draft experts have Stroud headed to the Indianapolis Colts with the fourth overall pick. He’d be wise to continue his routine of shutting off the social media during the season. It might even bring him some more side money.

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