“We Have Faith That You Will Give Him The Victory” | Colorado Head Coach Deion Sanders Undergoes Second Successful Surgery To Remove Blood Clots

First-year Colorado Buffaloes head coach and Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders has been in a battle the last couple of years. And that battle doesn’t have anything to do with his coaching or leading the Buffaloes or the Jackson State Tigers at his previous head coaching stop. Instead, the two-time Super Bowl-winning cornerback has been dealing with a foot/toe situation which caused him to have two toes amputated while at Jackson State. 

Although he’s returned to the sidelines with abandon, Sanders is still hampered by complications from the surgery. In fact just last month he had to have blood clots removed in an emergency surgery.

Well, on Thursday Sanders underwent another round of surgery to remove more blood clots. Per his longtime girlfriend Tracey Edmonds, who took to Instagram to share an update, there is good news. 

“Thank you Lord for another successful surgery!! We thank you for giving #CoachPrime Deion Sanders the strength to fight these challenges and we have Faith that he will have the VICTORY! We are so grateful for all the doctors, nurses, and staff who have blessed him on his road to recovery!” 

Why Did Sanders Need The Additional Procedure, And What’s Next?

After last month’s procedure to remove the clot in Sanders’ thigh, and some other smaller ones, doctors told him that he’d need to have this procedure done to remove other clots that had formed as a result of the original surgery in 2021. 

“Following the success of his last procedure and advice of his doctors, Coach Prime is scheduled for a subsequent, routine follow-up procedure on July 20,” a spokesperson said in a statement earlier this week. University officials initially described Thursday’s surgery as a “routine follow-up.”

Next for Sanders will be a procedure designed to straighten out the three remaining toes on his foot. That’s in an effort to alleviate the pain and stress on the foot he feels when wearing shoes. 

Sanders Misses Pac-12 Media Day

With this being Coach Prime’s first season at Colorado, you know he didn’t want to have to miss Pac-12 Media Days, but his health takes precedence over that. Sanders will have to wait until the season to see the conference’s other sideline stalkers.

Defensive coordinator Charles Kelly filled in for Sanders. 

Last month he was forced to miss the big satellite camp at Morehouse College as he prepared for the first surgery. But at this point it’s all about getting healthy enough to stalk the sidelines down in Fort Worth, Texas, when the Buffaloes open the season at national runner-up TCU. 

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