WATCH: Kyle Lowry Finds A New Comedy Partner In Taylor Rooks

Taylor Rooks sat down with Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lowry and played a game of twins, where she asks him if certain Toronto Raptors players favor other athletes and entertainers. Lowery, who lost his twin brother DeMar DeRozan in the blockbuster Kawhi Leonard trade, seems to be in better spirits and back to his same comical, playful self after being livid and temporarily depressed over the departure of his right-hand man. 

DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry 2017- Funny Moments, Highlights, Interviews

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Rooks began by taking out a picture of Jalen Ramsey and putting it next to a picture of Lowry, who didn’t think the two players looked alike at all. 

Taylor Rooks on Twitter

So…a lot of Toronto Raptors players look like other people. I ask Kyle Lowry about this. But you be the judge. Featuring Jalen Ramsey, Travis Kelce, Lionel Richie, and Drake.

The funny exchange with Rooks proves that Lowry can still carry a comedy set without DeRozan. In fact, Taylor was the perfect replacement for DeRozan. Maybe Lowery and Rooks need to take their show on the road and host a sports comedy program together. It would probably be a hit. 

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