“His S— Was Like A Pillow” | Rapper Jack Harlow Confirms Kyle Lowry Is Really Built Like He Looks

Miami Heat point guard Kyle Lowry has long been the brunt of jokes about his body, and mainly his backside, which seems to draw a lot of attention.

During last year’s playoffs, fans took to social media to ask if his body was photoshopped or if it was really built like that. 

ESPN NFL analyst Ryan Clark, even took it a step further, tweeting, “Kyle Lowry has to be wearing some kind of padding under his uniform. No way my man built like that.”

That was last May. Fast forward to this year’s second-round series between the New York Knicks and Miami Heat, a nasty ’90s classic NBA rivalry renewed, and now maybe rapper Jack Harlow has the answer to what Clark asked about a year ago. 

During the Heat’s Game 1 win at Madison Square Garden, Harlow says the former Villanova star fell on him while taking a step-back three-pointer. 

Fans quickly chimed in and wanted Harlow jokingly reprimanded for his choice of words.

“Someone lock Jack Harlow up NOW!”

Another person commented ….

“Pause. Flagrant 2 on Jack Harlow.”

Any what you slice it, Harlow’s wording was a bit odd, while still being funny. 

Lowry Says He Embraces The Thick Jokes

Throughout his NBA career, Lowry has always been a tad on the thicker side. Being barely 6 feet tall also plays a role in how Lowry looks. But the one-time NBA champion and six-time NBA All Star says he isn’t at all fazed by it. 

During an August 2022 appearance on the “VC Show” with Vince Carter, Lowry told Vinsanity the constant jokes about his body used to bother him but, he now uses it as an “advantage.”

“It used to bother me a lot,” Lowry, 36, shared. “It used to get to me. It really use to get to me, I’m gonna be honest with you. And now, I don’t care.”

 “Yeah, yeah, thick’s been good for me. Yeah, I’m cool with it. … Y’all can create all the memes y’all want. I embrace it. I love it.”

Lowry Helped Heat Upset Top-Seeded Bucks

While, Lowry, an NBA champion, is no longer the starter at point guard, his veteran leadership, tough defense and clutch shot-making played a vital role in the Heat’s monumental five-game upset of the top-seeded Milwaukee Bucks. 

Lowry was just as good in Sunday’s big road win over the Knicks, with 18 crucial points, six assists, five rebounds and four steals.

If the Heat are to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals, Lowry’s experience will undoubtedly be a factor, especially with Jimmy Butler at least briefly hobbled with a janky ankle, which forced him to miss Tuesday’s Game 2 loss in New York.

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