“Arthur Blank Offered Bill The Job” | Deion Sanders And Boomer Esiason Come For Marlon Humphries’ Lazy Narrative On Bill Belichick

The disrespect coming from the peanut gallery toward six-time Super Bowl champion Bill Belichick was almost embarrassing. Without any knowledge of the situation, former players, media, Tom Brady groupies and New England Patriots haters, took shots at the former head coach after it was reported that he would not be coaching the Atlanta Falcons next season.

Instead, Raheem Morris got the job. 

False Narrative Surrounding Belichick and Atlanta Falcons?

The narrative floating around was that Belichick was too old and the game had passed him by. ESPN analyst Ryan Clark was also guilty of laying it on thick against a coach that he lost to in big spots as an opposing player.

Some suggested that Belichick’s failures with Mac Jones in New England proved that he couldn’t develop another franchise quarterback. Others had the audacity to say that Belichick’s entire résumé should be attributed to Tom Brady. 

There were a few sourpusses who laid it on pretty thick, including Ravens star Marlon Humphries, who ran 100 yards to pay dirt with it. His comment seemed driven by his personal feelings about the legendary coach. Things he’s been harboring for a long time.

Humphrey said: “The ‘greatest coach of all time’ did not get hired out of 6 Head Coaching jobs openings. I think that debate can be put to rest now.”

Deion Sanders Defends Bill Belichick

Colorado football coach Deion Sanders didn’t like Humphries’ tone and is not here for the disrespect of any OGs like Belichick.

Sanders, upon seeing Humphries shade, responded: “Lawd Jesus help our youngsters understand the definition of Respect.”

Talk about kicking a guy when he’s down.

Boomer Esiason Says Bill Belichick Turned Down Atlanta Falcons

However, the story took a twist when former NFL quarterback and WFAN radio voice Boomer Esiason says he heard from a reliable source that it was Belichick who turned the Falcons job down after interviewing twice. 

“I was told yesterday, and I do believe it from the source that I got it from, that supposedly [Falcons owner] Arthur Blank was brought in to Bill Belichick and could have offered him the job,” Esiason said on “Boomer and Gio” on Monday. “I don’t know why guys say no, but an NFL executive basically told me that they believe that Arthur Blank offered Bill the job.” 

“Now, there may have been some caveats to that offer, you never know. It’s never, ‘OK, Bill, I want you, here’s a five-year contract, you do whatever you want.’ I don’t think it was one of those,” Esiason added.

This version of the story sounds way more believable. Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank has been in the game a long time, and you know he respects Belichick’s résumé. Who wouldn’t? He’s coached everyone in some capacity from Lawrence Taylor to Tom Brady and won Super Bowls while doing so. 

We know Belichick’s ego is as big as Brady’sm and that’s what has driven him all of these years. He’s not going to desperately accept an offer that he feels belittles his legacy in any way or doesn’t give him the full control and heavy influence on personnel decisions that he’s enjoyed the majority of his career as Patriots coach. 

With Belichick and Atlanta, a franchise that is at a crossroads and needs to make culturally precise decisions for the future, it was probably all about fit. 

Like Esiason said, Belichick doesn’t just walk into the interview and they throw money at him. He’s also not going to go begging for a job or even acting overly interested. He probably feels his track record speaks volumes and is only going to sell himself but so much. 

Even if Belichick’s interviews didn’t overwhelm the Falcons, according to Esiason, Blank was still ready to cut some kind of deal for Belichick to be the head coach. 

Who knows, maybe Bill wanted more years on the offer? More guarantees of autonomy in certain decision-making processes that Morris was more than willing to acquiesce to leave to others.  

Is Boomer Esiason Caping For Belichick?

Some might say that Esiason is throwing Belichick a lifeline to save him from further embarrassment and attacks on his legacy due to his failure to secure a head coaching job. Esiason could have easily provided the name of the source.

Who’s to say he even wants to be a head coach so soon after grinding out 24 years with one franchise serving in multiple roles? 

It was never as simple as the league thinking that the game had passed Belichick by. Those who let their personal feelings make their mouths say things that they will probably regret down the line will forever be known as haters. Humphries included.

Deion Sanders made that totally clear, but in a nice way. Sanders is not scared to criticize anyone or give his opinion, but for the most part he accomplishes his goals with grace and without diminishing the accomplishments of legends. 

Best head coach of all time is an opinion, so Humphries is free to his. As long as he understands that when you go against an icon, be ready for the karma that comes back at you. 

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