WATCH: International Basketball Game Devolves Into Brawl For The Ages

    A contest between Gilas Pilipinas of the Philippines and Australia turned into an all-out WWE melee. 

    One misplaced elbow from a Philippines player to Australias Chris Goulding began a series of hard fouls that lead to a fight reminiscent of the Malice at the Palace

    afa on Twitter


    Sportando on Twitter

    This is one the biggest on court FIGHTS of the last decade!!! WOW. In the hand between Philippines-Australia of #fibawc qualifiers via @ardemj

    Chairs were present. Insert Jim Ross WWE Sound Byte

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    Oh my god. He threw a chair! #Boomers

    NBA Bust Thon Maker makes an appearance and also wants all of the smoke. 

    Ricky Mangidis on Twitter

    Thon Maker out here throwing knees! #Boomers

    Ricky Mangidis on Twitter

    Andray Blatche thinking he’s JBL with the Clothesline From Hell #Boomers

    More knuckin’ and buckin ensued, and the crowd got involved too throwing bottles on the floor. Ultimately after it was all said and done, 13 players were ejected, with 9 from the Philippines.