WATCH: HS Football Mixtape Proves Migos’ Quavo Can Throw The Pigskin

Th paradigm of rappers who crow about their athletic prowess hasnt shifted since Master P conned the world into thinking he could actually play basketball in the National Basketball Association. Rappers with poor health habits and time to burn swear they’re a few great workouts away from getting ‘the call’. 

While Quavo, one-third of the group Migos, may not be as egregious as P was with his assertions, his jokes about actually trying out for the Houston Texans has some folks convinced of his prowess, most of whom have never seen him play. Now, they can catch Quavo give his best impression of Mike Vick in a recently released highlight reel of his high school football days as a QB.

4th&13 on Twitter

Quavo football highlights from high school.

Originally released via Instagram, Quavo told reporters he released the video to hype up his celebrity flag football game scheduled for Easter Sunday. According to his high school coach, Quavo led the county in passing in 2009 and has multiple Georgia state records for most completions in a game, but his team was only 1-9.

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