WATCH: Cam Newton’s Boss Analogy Shades Kelvin Benjamin

Cam Newton’s still having a hard time dealing with having his reputation tarnished by Kelvin Benjamins harsh criticism of Newtons passing accuracy and intelligence.  

In this latest video, posted on the Carolina Panthers Twitter feed, you see Cam comparing a wall to people, saying that the wall is there every day, consistently and people, on the other hand, tend to change up on you. 

Carolina Panthers on Twitter

A little #MondayMotivation with a twist from Cam

We know what he meant and what “people” Cam was referring too. In addition to former Carolina Panthers receiver Benjamin, you can probably throw NFL fans  — who were worshipping Cam and dabbing a few seasons ago and now say they agree with Benjamins demeaning comments — into the hate group too. 

When Newton approached Benjamin about  the comments, the receiver ignored him and shook Newton off as if he were a fly on his workout jersey. Benjamin, now a member of the Buffalo Bills, had no wrap for Cam.  

NFL Stats on Twitter

Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin sharing some words after Benjamin called him “innacurate” and said he “lacked knowledge” earlier this week

The comments obviously affected and shocked Cam because he felt they were important enough to speak to Benjamin about before the two teams played a preseason game. Cam obviously still feels daggered by Benjamins critiques and his refusal to address them man-to-man.

Michael David Smith on Twitter

Cam Newton looked like he wanted to discuss whatever issues he has with Kelvin Benjamin face to face. Benjamin looked like he prefers talking about people behind their backs.

Panthers tight end Greg Olson defended Cam’s QB acumen, but the damage is already done. 

Bill Voth on Twitter

Greg Olsen on Kelvin Benjamin/Cam Newton

Someone actually confirmed what Cam critics have been saying and now it’s out there as spoken fact.  

Herd w/Colin Cowherd on Twitter

Kelvin Benjamin didn’t say anything [about Cam Newton] that everybody didn’t know outside of Charlotte.” – @ColinCowherd

Without being too direct, Cam expressed his feelings in a very Cam Newton way. Benjamin may be done with the situation, but its obvious that Cam isnt and he’s intent on staying sucker free this season. 

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