Von Miller Admits He’s A Ring Chaser, Calls Himself The Kevin Durant Of The NFL Because He’s “Not Afraid To Go To Another Team”

The different realms of pro sports often seem to collide one way or another. The idea that a football player can compare himself to a basketball player is a common thing in sports now.

Von Miller apparently is the Kevin Durant of football, and his reasoning for why he compared himself to KD is hilarious and somewhat true. 

Von Miller, whose season debuted on Thursday when his new team the Buffalo Bills destroyed his former Super Bowl-winning team the Los Angeles Rams, was speaking in a Bleacher Report interview and began comparing current NFL superstars to current NBA superstars.

Miller, who picked up the win against his former team, probably didn’t mind talking about Los Angeles and their players. Some of the most notable players he compared were Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp and future hall of Famer Stephen Curry, citing both players’ adeptness at winning. 

“My Steph of the NFL would have to be Cooper Kupp,” Miller said. “Nice, clean-shaven. Wins championships, is the best at his position. Been the best for a very long time. Doesn’t have a super flashy game but is super effective and he racks up all types of records and all types of points.”

Von Miller also compared Aaron Rodgers to LeBron James due to his consistency when it comes to winning games. And the endless list of accolades that both players boast. 

But what was hands-down the most hilarious part of the interview was when Von Miller compared himself to Kevin Durant. The Superbowl 50 MVP feels like because he’s liable to unapologetically go to a different team in order to ring-chase, he’s just like Durant. 

The comparison itself, while hilarious, isn’t far off. They both have two championships, multiple All-Star/Pro Bowl selections, and a Finals/Super Bowl MVP. Both of these players also have left their home teams to play on other teams as well and have won a championship with the team they went to. Kevin Durant just never won with the Thunder, while Miller has won with the Denver Broncos who drafted him.

I love winning. I’ve just created this obsession with winning. I’m not afraid to go to another team to do it. I’ve been on super teams, been playing football for a long time, and all I want to do is win. And I want to put myself in the best winning situation that I possibly can,” Miller said in the interview. 

To top it all off, the Canton-bound pass rusher has stated that he has a burner social media account, just like Kevin Durant who famously got caught posting on his regular account when he meant to use his burner account a few years back.

Miller is a hilarious character off the field, but on the field he’s a monster, and it is nearly impossible to stop him. Miller might just be the assassin that Bills Mafia needed, because some believe that they are primed favorites to win it all this year after their heartbreaking loss to Kansas City in the division championship a year ago. If Von Miller and Buffalo can win the Super Bowl this year, he will surpass KD and from then on KD will have to be comparing himself to Miller.

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