Virginia Elementary School Instructs Students To Play Runaway Slave Game

Black History Month 2019 has taken yet another disturbing turn.

Black History Month has taken yet another disturbing turn.  Students at an elementary school in Ashburn, Virginia were forced to play a runaway slave game during a P.E. class.

Shomari Stone on Twitter

BREAKING: An elementary school in Ashburn, VA played a runaway slave ‘game’ in gym class for black history month. NAACP says black 3rd-5th graders at Madison’s Trust Elementary were instructed to be slaves. “It’s awful.”-Loudoun NAACP. Tonight at 11 @nbcwashington @LCPSOfficial

According to reports, third, fourth, and fifth-graders at Madison’s Trust Elementary were instructed earlier this month to pretend to be runaway slaves. Students maneuvered through an obstacle course that represented the underground railroad.

The local NAACP chapter has since received several complaints from parents. Reports also state that there were at least two black children in the class.

The principal sent out an apology letter to families which read in part,” The lesson was culturally insensitive to our students and families. I extend my sincerest apology to our students and school community.” In addition, the activity was not part of the school’s curriculum, calling it an “insensitive physical education” activity during black history month.

The school district wouldn’t disclose if the employees involved were facing discipline and called it a personnel matter that it wouldn’t be discussed.

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