Viola Davis’ Signs First-Look Film Deal With Amazon

Under the deal, Viola Davis and Julius Tennon will produce feature films for the streaming service.

Viola Davis’ production Company, JuVee Productions, along with Julius Tennon, have signed a first look deal with Amazon Studios.

Under the deal, JuVee will produce feature films for the streaming service.

The new partnership joins the wave of big-name talents partnering up with streaming services. Director and actor Jordan Peele has a first look TV deal with the studio.

Davis and Tennon released a statement stating:

“JuVee Productions is beyond excited about our new relationship with Amazon Studios. We share the same vision of creating a vast and rich array of narratives that are inclusive and reflective of our world.”

This is a big move for Davis as more stars of color continue to go against the grain in Hollywood. Moreso on streaming platforms that have recently been dominating the way audiences view their media.

The actress is not foreign to playing roles outside of the “Hollywood norm.” She has played almost everything from a successful lawyer and more recently a windowed wife turned robber.  

This new partnership could mean seeing more cast diversity and actors playing an unlimited range of roles.

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