Tyreek Hill Is Using Jalen Ramsey To Raise His NFL Profile

Jacksonville Jaguars baller Jalen Ramseys shock jock swag took another turn when the mouth of the AFC South totally dismissed Kansas City Chiefs explosive receiver Tyreek Hill as a non-factor in the highly anticipated Jags-Chiefs matchup this weekend. 

The Shadow League on Twitter

SMOKE ALERT! Jalen Ramsey on Tyreke Hill: “He made All Pro….as a RETURN specialist. A return specialist. Let’s get that right.” ( @WJXTBJackson ) https://t.co/PFqjr99kNq

I kind of give Ramsey a pass on this one because Hill, a return specialist that blossomed into a consistent deep threat with blinding, breakaway speed, is feeling himself these days. And rightfully so. Hes grabbed 23 receptions for 364 yards and three touchdowns to go with a punt return for a score and has emerged as one of quarterback Patrick Mahomes‘ go-to guys. 

Hill obviously feels its time to be recognized among the games best and marketing is the most effective way to get yourself known in the NFL. This season is like Hill’s campaign trail. He’s dispensing ass whippings and talking about it.  

Talk isnt cheap in the NFL these days. Ramsey has proved that. Hes a cornerback that’s probably as popular as any receiver in the game because he isnt afraid to mix it up, spit trash on the field and give scathing and straight disrespectful analysis about other players in the league.  

Hes definitely gangster with it. Hill knows that goading Ramsey into a one-on-one not only helps free up other guys on his team, but creates a personally-intriguing narrative for Sundays game between two of the best squads in the NFL. 

The Chiefs (4-0) are eighth in yards gained (410.2 YPG) and first in points scored (36.3 PPG), while the Jaguars (3-1) are giving up the fewest yards (259.2) and the second-fewest points (14.0 PPG) in the NFL. 

Jason McIntyre on Twitter

Pat Mahomes 70-yards *in the air* (his 25 to the 5 yard line) hits his WR Tyreke Hill IN STRIDE for this TD https://t.co/j0j3y11lsZ

Hill is obviously thirsty for some shine and hes using Ramsey as a stepping stone to greater recognition and fame. 

I cant knock the strategy, it’s what Ramseys been doing. Hill just turned the tables on Ramsey by striking first, saying Ramsey “thinks high of himself,” per Adam Teicher of ESPN.com. 

“He’s all right, I guess,” Hill continued, per Teicher. “I can’t wait to line up against him. I hope he presses me. He’s a great player. To get my name out there more, I need to go up against more talent like him. I’m not calling [Denver’s] Chris Harris or nobody else bad, but he’s top dog right now, so I can’t wait.”

Ramsey didnt take long to respond, falling right into Hills trap. 

Ramsey has the ear of the media and Twittersphere, but Hill has a growing fanbase around the country who supports the 5-foot-10 burner in his candidacy for respect and adulation.  

Gene Starwind on Twitter

Tyreke Hill and the KC offense is going to EMBARASS Jalen Ramsey and the Jags on Sunday He talkin way too much #YouHearditHereFirst

If the belittled Hill gets pressed by Ramsey at any point in the game, all eyes will turn to that matchup. Fans are always intrigued when two smack-talking all-stars are going at it. If Hill gets the best of Ramsey, he elevates his stock and profile. If Ramsey shuts Hill down, he preserves his rep as a lockdown corner and his right to keep throwing verbal smoke at anybody he chooses. 

How it ends is of little consequence. Victory for both men was already achieved when they made their matchup a must-see event.  

Social media has been a godsend for this kind of marketing opportunity. Straight up clowning your opponent seems to be the new norm as well. The NFL has gone from being entangled in a political hell storm to WWE talk between two of the games best players being the intriguing headline for the week. 

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