Tyler Perry’s Now Worth A Billy So When Is The Black Billionaire Link Up?

In the words of DJ Khaled, ” Another one.”

Forbes has added Perry to its list of billionaires and it estimates that the playwright turned movie star has earned “more than $1.4 billion in pretax income since 2005.”

Let me hold a dollar, Ty?

This comes after Kanye West was also announced as a billionaire by Forbes back in late April. The are now a part of the 13 Black billionaires worldwide.

The impressive list includes: Oprah Winfrey, “His Airness” Michael Jordan, BET founder Bob Johnson, former Goldman Sachs executive Robert F. Smith, chairman of World Wide Technology David Steward, and Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter, domestically.

However, the real question now, amid the wealth gap and racial unrest, is whether these power players will come together to chart a new course for millions of Black Americans.

I know, you are saying, it’s not there responsibility to save Black America, right? You will also lay out all of the good causes initiatives that they are involved in to help people in the struggle across various charitable organizations.

These efforts cannot be discounted and are applauded.

However, what is needed for Black America is an economic boost and political action funded by those who best represent the interests of Black America. We need what Dr. Claud Anderson labeled Powernomics.

Can you imagine a political action committee or even a whole new political party funded by this list of seven billionaires?

Yeah, I know Kanye West is running for President but in all honesty its a distraction and even a potential strategy to split the vote against Democratic nominee, Joe Biden.

But the phrase popularized in our community, “that’s why we don’t have anything” couldn’t be more further from the truth than now. What needs to be asked is why isn’t there a summit for these U.S. based Black billionaires where they come together and fund either a political action committee or develop and economic engine focused on eliminating the poverty line for Black America?

You can never solve all the problems but a consortium of Black billionaires that focus on economically impacted areas across the country through job creation, buying up the blocks of various densely populated Black communities and even loaning money to business owners would drastically change the narrative.

When you include the other six Black billionaires worldwide, a true Pan-African movement that would have made Marcus Garvey smile could actually be executed.

From finance and technology to sports and media, this diverse group has may of the major areas covered to build a self-sufficient nation for Black people right here in America. In addition, they could become a resource for our brothers in the Caribbean and across Africa that need resources during natural disasters and political upheavals.

In short, we are the change we seek. With each new Black billionaire being named we should view it as not only a personal accomplishment that can be replicated but as a beacon for a bigger purpose.

Currently, Ice Cube has drafted a Contract With Black America as a comprehensive plan that will decide the Black vote for the 2020 Presidential election.

Neither Joe Biden or Kamala Harris has discussed it publicly and there is no traction other than Ice Cube’s base pushing it.

Imagine if it was a Super PAC with funding from OUR billionaires? Judges and federal appointees down to local politicos could all be influence by that kind of financial firepower and a grouping of this caliber.

The only question now is, why haven’t they?

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