TSL Sports Talk Recap: Deryk Gilmore

Last week on TSL Sports Talk, NFL agent and advisor, Deryk Gilmore, joined us to talk about the upcoming NFL Combine and NFL Draft 2015. Check out the highlights below.

On talking to clients about potential conduct issues that can hurt their career:

“If they love football, we can work through anything. When it comes to dealing with an issue off the field beforehand, we go through their contract with them so they know, hey, if you miss these workouts, this is going to hit you in the pocket. If you do something on the field, its going to hit you in the pocket one way or another. If take this drug, its going to hit you in the pocket. Sometimes they make a choice to do whatever and all we can do is be there for them and help them fight through that. Any situation, we have to be ready to deal with it.”

On the PLAN program & helping NFL players with their long term career:

“We do a program at priority sports called PLAN that we brought to the table. PLAN stands for Preparing for Life After football NOW. During that program -what we do is after the second year, we really encourage all of our players to attend the program- we basically develop mentorship relationships between them.. In addition to having a mentorship with all of the players, we also bring in attorneys and talk about divorce, child support, people come in and talk about drugs and alcohol. The League does a great job of that when theyre rookies, but when theyre rookies, they feel that theyre invincible and I dont really think theyre listening. So I think in year two or three, hopefully theyre hearing it now, they realize theyve seen enough buddies that were stars be cut, they realize that injuries come into play. Hopefully at that point, theyre thinking that they need an extra strategy.”     

Listen to the full interview above to hear more on preparing rookies for their career, the NFL Combines and Draft.   

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