TSL Sports Talk- The Diversifying Of The Miami Dolphins

Miami’s Jeff Fox and Tom Ernisse discuss the culture shift within the Dolphins’ organization.

The Miami Dolphins made headlines during the playoffs despite not being in the playoffs this season.

After NFL teams essentially dismissed the Rooney Rule and filled coaching vacancies with white coaches, the Dolphins made news by hiring Brian Flores, the only Black head coach to be hired in the post-season. This, coupled with the fact that they are the only team to have both a Black head coach and GM (after the Ravens’ Ozzie Newsome retires this year, Chris Grier will be the only Black GM in the League), shined a new light on the team from the 305.

Joining us to discuss the diversifying of the Miami Dolphins are Jeff Fox of the Jeff Fox Show, and Miami Dolphins insider Tom Ernisse of Dolphins Talk. Will Brian Flores bring wins to the Dolphins? Can GM Chris Grier bring in the right players to help Coach Flores? The guys from Miami break it down with Mark.

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