TSL Comic Book Convo Presents: Bitch Planet Artist Valentine De Landro

Bitch Planet might not be a title that the mainstream has locked onto, but comic book aficionados have been aware of this daring offering by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Valentine De Landro for some time. Released by Image Comics in 2014, Bitch Planet takes place in the future but is reminiscent of a 70s sci-fi film. It is a dystopian time where women who are deemed non-compliant are sent off-planet to serve time in prison.  Although DeConnick is getting a great deal of love for this piece from such outlets as IGN, and Comics Alliance, but artist Valentine De Landro has been incredible in his ability to illustrate all the guts, gore and blood galore much to the delight of fans everywhere. Recently we had a chance to talk to De Landro about the importance of Bitch Planet and the importance of showing diversity in comic books.  Check out what he had to say and take a look at some of his artwork as well.

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