TSL Co-Sign: GORUCK Military Inspired Kit Bag

Fellas, let's face it, we have allowed a lot of suspect items to seep into our accessories rotation…coin purses, huge earrings and luggage to name a few. Granted, rappers have made wearing and using designer everything an aspirational goal for some of us, but Gucci and Louis Vuitton luggage should be left to the ladies.

There are several brands that make fly and functional luggage that aren't adorned with the same pattern as your girl's Speedy bag. One of those companies is GORUCK (ruck is short for rucksack or backpack). The company–which was founded in 2008 by Green Beret Jason McCarthy — recently released two tough, aesthetically pleasing and efficient bags that will not only last but also they'll stand out from the Samsonite's.

Built in the USA, the 56-liter CIVVY Kit Bag ($195.00) and 84-liter Mil Kit Bag ($245.00), are inspired by the over-the-shoulder bag that the military issues to paratroopers on airborne missions. At first glance, the Kit Bags look like your average knapsack but upon closer inspection one will notice details that the average bag doesn't have such as MOLLE webbing, which allows users to securely add pockets or patches to the bag.  Other useful detailing includes the small internal pocket next to the main zipper and an external open pocket on the end of the bag. The CIVVY Kit Bag comes in both black and sand colors, while the MIL Kit Bag is available in black, sand and multi-cam ("I especially like multi-cam and think it will have staying power both in uniforms and in the fashion world,” says McCarthy.)

These bags were known to be very durable but not practical for regular travel, which is why McCarthy and his friend/business partner took the classic pattern and reinvented it for daily use.  "Making them much more functional was right in our wheelhouse, despite the fact that it took us a year to perfect. Traveling is brutal on gear, and our kit bags are great for use by any and everyone, military or non-military. And at the end of the day, I really wanted them for myself, so we built the last travel bag I'll ever need," says McCarthy. And he's not just talking smack when he says it's the last bag you'll ever need, GORUCK's bags come with a lifetime warranty. As a matter of fact they encourage excessive use.

GORUCK bags are available now via their webstore.

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