Trump Thanks Kanye And Kim K For Bump In Black Male Approval Ratings

Do you believe that a celebrity couple can influence national politics? Well, normally the answer would be no. However, the age we live in is the most cartoonish version of American reality that I have ever witnessed in my four decades on the planet.

The fact that Kim Kardashian, whose primary claim to fame is bedding affluent black men, was invited to the White House by a sitting President is a testament to that fact. Throw in the fact that said President is himself a reality TV star and we finally get a full picture of the sheer insanity that has visited our country within the past three years.

Well, if you thought things couldn’t get any loonier, multiple outlets are reporting that Donald Trump thanked Kim and Kanye for helping him boost his approval rating among black folks. Just as a refresher, Donald Trump received 11 percent of the black male vote during his election campaign. According to some estimates, that approval rating to a slight but discernable upward tick after Kanye basically professed his undying allegiance to the de facto Lord Voldemort that is in the White House.

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As far as celebrities go, black people are especially vulnerable to the foolish, isolated and totally out of touch manner that many of them think because, basically, racism. It’s because of the lack of effective institutions through which to speak upon and deflect social stupidity, we often find ourselves clinging to the outlandish whims and woes of athletes, actors, singers and other prominent figures.

In fact, I believe it’s something that is obvious to just about everyone but black people.  This is what Donald Trump was counting when he courted Ray Lewis, Mike Tyson, Steve Harvey, and now Kanye Kardashian and company to carry the MAGA flag. To be certain, these individuals don’t have to be for or against any particular type of legislation or policy, they simply have to say they’re down with Trump. And what do the disenfranchised do? They follow suit like a game of spades.

“Kanye must have some power because you doubled my African-American poll numbers. We went from 11 percent to 22 percent,” Trump reportedly said at the National Rifle Association annual conference in May. The poll which Trump sights occurred in April and actually states that his approval rating among African-American men doubled, not the entire population. 

Though there’s still a great deal of side-eyeing to be given regarding how that would translate in a larger poll of more than 200 people, it does speak a great to how some brothers, perhaps disenfranchised, perhaps not, are more comfortable supporting a misogynist and a racist than joining the opposition in en mass.

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