Tristan Thompson Has Kardashian And Baby Mama Jokes As The Star Of Drake’s “Falling Back” Video

Chicago Bulls’ Tristan Thompson is taking the Kardashian route of using reality as entertainment, except this time it is at the expense of Khloe Kardashian.

The one-time NBA champion co-stars in Drake’s latest music video for his single ‘Falling Back,” on his surprise album “Honestly, Nevermind,” poking fun at Tristan Thompson’s infamous infidelity against Khloé Kardashian.

On Thursday, Drake extended his every woman’s dream husband position to a fantastical storyline where he is getting married to 23 women. Thompson, a fellow Canadien, acts as his best man, checking to see if Drake wants to go through with it.

Before Drake says, “I Do” to his long line of beautiful Instagram-ready brides, Thompson reassures with, “doesn’t feel right, we scrap it, we go home,” then TT makes sure his guy’s beard is fresh.

“I’m good, bro. It’s a good time for me. I’m ready to settle down. I’m in love,” Drake responds before we realize he is on a polygamy mission of epic proportions.

However, Tristan says that “you only get married once,” a potential nod to the fact that he makes the babies but none of the mothers are the “one” he’s ready to marry?

Oh, the shade, TT.

The timing synched up with the season finale of “The Kardashians,” which also aired on Thursday night. The episode featured Khloé reacting to yet another affair that Tristan engaged in, secretly welcoming a child with personal trainer Maralee Nichols while still in a relationship with Khloé.

Although he initially denied being the father, Maralee sued Thompson for child support and expenses related to her pregnancy. Eventually, the world discovered that the conception occurred on his 30th birthday in 2021, a night that saw Thompson and Khloé rekindle the spark of their romance.

Thompson has been a wild boy for a minute.

He began dating Khloé Kardashian in 2016 after allegedly cheating on ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig with her. Khloé gave birth to their daughter in 2018, but his unfaithful ways reportedly continued as he was unfaithful to Kardashian during her pregnancy.

The two broke up, but in 2020, Thompson rekindled the relationship by quarantining with Khloé during the pandemic until they broke up again.

Then came more babies via a paternity suit against Thompson in Los Angeles in 2021, from a relationship Thompson had when he was dating the Kardashian. After confirming that the child was his son, Thompson apologized to Khloé. This latest debacle would put Thompson into the hall of fame of the show “Cheaters” if it had one.

“You either wear a condom, get a vasectomy, or you don’t f*** random people that you meet in other states. It’s not rocket science,” Khloé said in the season finale.

Thompson is a 6-foot-9 power forward who has become an NBA journeyman since leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2020. After this past season with the Chicago Bulls on a one-year, $1-million contract, Thompson has made his league rounds to four teams during his career.

One role Thompson’s content playing is Maury Povich’s unofficial winner of the “you are the father” reality sweepstakes. Now Drake is having fun at the real-life expense of the many ladies of Tristan Thompson.

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