The Weekend In Tweets 3.11.13

Deandre Jordan had the best dunk of the last two years. It used to be don't get Masgov'ed now it'll be don't get Knighted. NBA Sunday's are filling in the gap of no football very nicely with great games all day and night. And somehow those Atlanta housewives manage to people engaged.

This is fact.

Sports fans are interesting people.

That’s kind of morbid.

I don’t know how he does it.

They’ll be paying that back forever.

You have an incredible sense of humor.

If anybody knows how it feels to be embarrassed it’s you.

It really should be.

So Nash dunked the ball for him and blocked all those shots as well.

That’s why he’s such a great scorer.

You have a point.

I can’t think of many.

That’s incredible.

I won’t be glad until he’s in a game.

You can’t prosper that way.

Maybe she had a change of heart?

She was more like an indentured servant.

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